Why you shouldn’t give up on some people

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Michael, the only child of his parents, was a very rude and troublesome boy, infamous for his disobedience and nonchalant attitude to school work. He often disturbed classes, taunted his classmates, flouted school rules, and disrespected his teachers. In addition, he never handed in any homework at school, was unpopular for his consistently poor grades, and particularly enjoyed ridiculing other children who had disabilities and who came from poor homes. He was, of course, from a rich home, spoilt, aggressive, and morally indecent. Although, his parents were wealthy, they were usually too busy to monitor him, because their official duties were always very demanding. 

Michael grew more and more discourteous, disruptive, and arrogant, and continued to antagonize virtually all the people around him. His teachers, who he often disrespected, were not overly fond of him. He was also notorious for having served the highest number of punishments at school. Teachers and other parents thought it was best for other children to avoid him, because they feared he would be a bad influence on them. He associated with people like him outside school, and together they vandalized community infrastructures, engaged in street brawls and were involved in other criminal acts. And while Michael got increasingly unpopular, his bad behavior increased in the same proportion. 

Michael graduated from school with poor grades, and couldn’t get admission into one of the universities in the country. He struggled academically after realizing his mistakes, but was unable to find help, because virtually everyone despised him. His former teachers never liked him and were unwilling to tutor him, the smart folks in his class back in secondary school were now in their respective universities, and the members of his gang were all scattered across the country looking for ways to fend for themselves. He later enrolled in one of the private universities in the country, after buying his way in. However, this did not help matters because he failed woefully. 

Michael’s family, after some time, got into financial problems. His father had invested a great deal of money into a business, in which he experienced a great loss. He was also in great debt, and had to sell some of his properties. His mother was diagnosed with cancer, and later died from the illness. Six months later, his father died of a heart-attack. Relatives abandoned him because they were not willing to support. Michael faced great challenges, got into depression, lived like a pauper, regretted his actions, and died from a heart-attack. Before he died, he wrote, ‘If only I knew’. 

Now, Michael, like every single one of the seven billion people dwelling in this world, had the potential to make a great difference. He could have grown up to become a man proud of his wonderful accomplishments and proud of his life. Each and every one of us carries within him/her a dim light which has the ability to shine brighter than the sun, literarily. This light can shine so brightly that we do not only get to affect our lives positively, but also get to affect the lives of millions of people. Michael, like every one of us, was a very special person in the universe. However, Michael did not get to unleash the light within him because no one believed in him, and no one was there to guide and support him. 

Clearly, he was a very nasty person, and often succeeded in driving other people away. What he needed, though, was someone or some people who would have been brave enough to endure his contempt, rejections, humiliations, and ridicules, in order to save him from himself. Think about all the annoying people you have ever had to deal with. You ended up hating them, rejecting them, or trying to avoid them. This is because no human being enjoys associating with people who tend to be a constant source of pain and trouble, and who seem to add no value to their lives. We all want to make our lives easier and happier, not agonizing and more complicated. 

What so many of us do not realize is that the most annoying people are the ones mostly in need of our love and respect. It is easy to give up on those people we consider to be nasty and repulsive because they tend to be a constant source of pain and unhappiness. However, giving up on them will only heighten their vices. And although, we are not under any obligation to care or risk our happiness for the betterment of other people’s lives, these people as much as everybody else (including you) exists to make a difference in their lives and in this world. They exist to achieve great success, to thrive, and to improve lives. And for these reasons, we should be a shining light in their lives, so that their remarkable light may shine and touch the lives of so many people. No matter how annoying, disrespectful, arrogant, or manipulative some people are, they strongly need your endless love and support in order to discover, maximize, and share their lights with the rest of the world.     

If you save a very nasty man from destroying himself, this could translate to saving a billion people, because the very nasty man which you have saved may actually be able to change the lives of a billion other people in this world. The nasty man, which may have been written off by most people, is very important in this world. He doesn’t exist for nothing; he is a powerful light waiting to shine, and he possesses a potential which when maximized will be spectacular beyond measure. And when he shines, he will experience the fulfilment of his purpose. Looking down on other people with the view that they are insignificant and worthless is one of the greatest mistakes you can possibly make in life. Every single man carries a light within him, and with it he can make a great difference in this world. Are you willing to sacrifice your comfort and ego to make this happen? This may seem like a living-martyrdom, but could be making a great difference in the human world.