Why you are very powerful I

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Virtually every day, newer things are discovered, created, invented, and designed. The things we thought were impossible so many years ago are taking us by surprise as they materialize in our world. World records are continually broken, technologies advance incredibly, there are mind-blowing inventions in our world, and there appears to be advancement in (or update to) virtually every practicable discipline, which goes to show that change is not only inevitable, but necessary.

Mysteries are matters that are seemingly puzzling, perplexing, or incomprehensible; matters that have not been explained or understood by science. For example, how space and time came to be is a mystery. It is impossible to conceive of a universe without space and a universe without time. Scientists like to believe that all things can be understood because the meaning of science is: “understanding the uncomprehended”. It is what leads to scientific advancement.

Deciphering mysteries is one of the goals of science, and scientists have done quite a marvelous job at that. So much have been known, yet so much remain unknown. Greater knowledge has been acquired about the cosmos, yet what is known is only a fragment of what is not known. Regardless of how much science has improved over the centuries, some things remain mysteries. It’s paradoxically true that the more mysteries that are solved, the more new mysteries pop up.

Subjects we haven’t learnt or haven’t been exposed to are bound to be confounding until we learn about them. If there are recorded or published answers to the problems associated with these subjects, then they cannot be referred to as mysteries; for they have been deciphered. It just simply means that we need to be exposed to the answers through some process of learning, i.e. to say that we need to be intellectually exposed to the answers.

We all have the ability to learn, but such is not necessarily consistent with our willingness to learn. The desire to learn, especially about science, does not cut across all human minds. Perhaps, through learning and analytical reasoning, we may decipher some mysteries. For some of us, learning is a waste of time; a punishment that won’t make our lives any meaningful. For others, the passion has been wired in their psyche, from the day they were conceived in their mothers’ wombs.

When we learn about something, or when we acquire a valuable knowledge, it is easy for us to say, “It is easy”. Complex matters are just matters we lack the fundamental knowledge of; you shouldn’t be expected to understand a level five problem if you haven’t even started all the way from level one yet. Complex matters can be understood by understanding the numerous simple matters (sequentially), which make up the intricacy. 

That which is believed to be easy was once complex and perplexing; that knowledge has been acquired and the challenge defeated. Newer challenges emerge and appear to be complex and perplexing. Taking the same approach of understanding the simple matters that make up the complexity, they can also be defeated, thus becoming such piece of cake. Yet, the journey is not so pleasant; for limitations must be broken, and that in itself is intellectually and physically demanding.

Some of the mysteries in life remain unsolved and may actually be decipherable, but haven’t been deciphered yet due to our unwillingness to study and analyze enough. The more we study and analyze, the more we will acquire knowledge. And the more we acquire knowledge, the greater will be the chances of solving a few mysteries. With the amazing discoveries and inventions in our world, it would be misguided to assume that accomplishing some things is impossible.

Centuries ago, the idea of a metal bird in the air would have been considered impossible. The idea of computers, telephones, and the internet being invented would have been considered unfeasible. Therefore, whatever it is we may believe to be impossible or unfeasible today may not be so. Better to say, ‘It hasn’t been done’ than to say ‘it can’t be done’. It is cleverer to believe that human beings have the capacity to evolve intellectually, although he is but just a creature.

As I noted, certain things seem rather impossible, as they are implausible, but this does not mean that they are impossible. The word, ‘impossible’ should not be tossed about so casually, because that word itself is a ‘limiting’ word. It’s more reasonable to use the phrase ‘seem impossible’ rather than ‘is impossible’. It’s also reasonable to use the word, ‘implausible’, which means ‘not possible with the limited scientific knowledge till date’; scientific knowledge, fortunately, is limitless.

For example, it is implausible to find a snake that speaks like a man, since snakes do not possess the vocal cord that would enable them to speak like men, and a host of other reasons. It is also implausible to witness a flying goat, or a barking chicken. While it is implausible to find snakes speak like men, dogs fly, wooden tables bleed, and glass yell for help, accepting that these are impossible makes it impossible for you to discover the “possibility” in the impossibility”.

Of course it would be ridiculous to expend precious time, resources, and energy on trying to make wooden tables bleed or dogs fly, but understanding the subject of “impossibility vs. implausibility” enables us to appreciate the fact that things we may believe to be impossible may not actually be impossible. They may seem impossible because of the limited scientific knowledge we have. As the muscles of science continue to expand, so are the possibilities in the implausible things. 

To push beyond one’s boundaries, break beyond one’s barriers, and exceed one’s limitations, discomfort is inevitable. Be it physically or mentally, this is never a pleasurable experience. Yet, with positive belief and perseverance, so much can be done. The impossibility you embrace may be one of “breaking out of perpetual poverty”, “overcoming your phobias”, “Learning a language”, or “accomplishing success after failing way too many times”, all of which can actually be achieved.