Why you are very powerful III

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

You are a very powerful person, and you probably don’t know it. Do you know why? It’s because you are capable of extraordinary things! You have great potentials. Studies have found that the more we use our brains to solve problems, the greater are the number of nerve connections within our brains; these connections can grow in limitless amounts, in response to how often we use our brains to solve complex problems. And as they grow, we become more intellectually sound and analytically powerful. That goes to show that we are capable of limitless things, and should therefore never limit ourselves. You are yet to unleash the greatest part of your genius! And you are yet to experience what you are truly capable of becoming! 

Our character qualities can also grow to limitless degrees. You can’t know the true extent of your courage, just as you can’t know the true extent of your inherent potential, until you completely tap into them. Like intellect, our virtues are also potentials that can be developed. You can become more courageous, more patient, and more modest. And as I clarified in my article, “Great character equals Great accomplishment”, the growth of your virtues will not only lead to great accomplishments, but also continue to lead to greater accomplishments! 

The human intellectual potential is unimaginably enormous, yet ignorantly untapped. Owing to the fact that man possesses a wealthy and powerful brain, he is indeed capable of breath-taking ideas, innovations, inventions, and discoveries. In my previous article, ‘Why you are very powerful (part 2)’ I drew our attention to the wonderful discoveries and remarkable inventions of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. Albert Einstein once stated that ninety per cent of human intellectual potential has not been tapped into. He was not wrong. 

What you are capable of, the brightest folks cannot possibly imagine, because within you is the capacity for extremely great things. Do you know that there are even powers in the thoughts that we have? The human mind cannot be located in the brain, but we are certain it is an integral part of the brain. Truly, your thoughts and cognition can heal, create, regenerate, and ideate great things. Thoughts alone may possess the power to heal a blind man. Courage, patience, perseverance, humility, and all kinds of virtues can be enhanced. 

While more than seven billion people inhabit the earth, and while billions and billions of people have existed and departed this world, we can only say that only very few people have utilized the great wealth of their minds. We interpret enhanced hearing, psychokinesis, telepathy, and other mysterious events as supernatural happenings, but even the human mind may possess the wealth to make such things happen. You may be able to do unimaginable things, if you only get to apply yourself. Why not tap into this wealth and realize how truly great you are capable of becoming? 

Extraordinary goals require extraordinary passion, patience, persistence, perseverance, determination, and commitment. You can’t accomplish great goals by putting in “good” effort; it takes great effort to accomplish great goals. It takes doing what most people lack the courage to do. It takes making choices that constitute pain, which may not be tolerated by others. What you get by achieving a great goal is massive, but what you become by achieving the great goal makes you an extraordinary and peculiar being. 

Powerful people maintain a positive focus in life, no matter what is going on around them. They stay focused on the quest and the numerous tasks they must complete, rather than their past failures and all of those things that serve to deter them from achieving their goals. They grow weary, but persist regardless, which makes them different from many. They are ridiculed, but their eyes never deviate from their goals. The circumstances in their lives do not hinder them, however weighty they are. They do not submit to the distractions that life brings along.