Why you are very powerful II

Photo by Godisable Jacob on Pexels.com

If you haven’t read the first part of this article, ‘Why you are very powerful (Part 1), I recommend you do so. However, I made mention that human beings, since time immemorial, have done amazing things; things that we never believed were possible. And each time someone says an invention is impossible, another person goes on to prove that it is possible. 

One of the reasons we believe that certain things are impossible is that we underestimate the power of our mind. Some of us do not believe that we have an incredibly powerful mind, capable of extraordinary things. We belittle our intellectual potentials and are often overwhelmed by seemingly difficult tasks. The idea of expanding the muscles of our minds is admirable, but the experience is particularly undesirable. For many, death tastes better than the life of such agonizing quest. 

Yet, in such agonizing quest come the products of remarkable inventions, the creation of magnificent things, and the production of fantastic pieces of art. The finest works in history were not made by settling in the comfort zone. They were the products of stretching beyond one’s boundary, going the extra mile. They were the products of persistence; hours after hours to enhance perfection and precision. They’re the products of the shocking ‘18 hours a day’ expended on a particular work. 

The human mind is powerful indeed; a man of passion and positive belief can do so much more in his life, if he has the courage to persist and trust in his true abilities. He might be judged shallow and dull, so were Einstein and Tesla. It was the passion and positive belief they had that kept them going. Why we may not possess the capacity for quick-reasoning like some folks do, it would be misguided for us to believe that we are not mentally equipped with the ability to do remarkable things. 

We share the earth with plants and animals, which are also quite potent in their own ways. Yet, of all three creatures, the sapient man has the most potent brain. Intellectually, goats are inferior to monkeys, and some animals are more intelligent than others. Taking man to be an animal, since he possesses a likeness to them, we may describe man as the most intelligent of all animals upon the earth. He has the most potent brain of all. 

Owing to the fact that man possesses a wealthy and powerful brain, he is indeed capable of breath-taking ideas, innovations, inventions, and discoveries. To maximize one per cent of one’s potential can contribute prodigiously to the world; and that’s just one per cent of our potentials. A man who operates at 15 per cent of his intellectual potential is miles away in what he does to another man who is operating at just 14 per cent of his intellectual potential. What happens when man operates at 100 per cent? 

What man can do at 100 per cent maximized potential cannot possibly be imagined. It’s too prodigious and impressive for the human mind to conceive of. It may seem a rather impossible state to attain, but we should understand that it’s ours to be attained and ours to be experienced. Regardless of the different fields of studies in life, you can always take one and specialize in it. The result of maximizing our full potentials might as well be phenomenal! 

Learning about the stories of people who did what many believed to be impossible further reinforces the fact that there is often possibility in impossibility. It warns us that we should be careful with the way we toss around the word ‘impossible’. Helen Keller was an incredible woman who turned blind and deaf from the age of 18 months. This great woman published twelve books, wrote several articles, and lectured in universities despite being blind and deaf. 

Beethoven, who is widely regarded as one of the greatest musical composers in history, lost his hearing, and never stopped making roof-breaking performances. Those who have attained great feats in their lifetimes won’t have done so if they had listened to the negative opinions of the people around them.

The fact that other people belittle your intellectual abilities does not mean that you possess so little mental powers. The fact that some people associate you with deficiencies in certain abilities does not mean that they are right. In actuality, they couldn’t be more wrong. However, the fact that some people actually believe that they are limited in some ways makes them limited; not because they truly are, but because they believe that they are. The fact that other people belittle their own intellectual abilities does not mean that they possess so little mental powers.