Why respect matters

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

One of our core/essential psychological/emotional needs is to be respected by others, especially by our loved ones. Everyone wants to be loved, valued, praised, and cared for. Positive remarks and compliments are like beautiful songs to the hearing of people. No one wants to be humiliated or mortified. Although, we are sometimes, if not often, deprived of this highly essential gesture, which largely affects the health of our psych, it would be cruel of us to deprive others. Do unto others what you would want them to do unto you, even when they are usually not kind to you. 

Respect is an essential moral value which clearly distinguishes us from wild animals. When we show respect to fellow human beings, we demonstrate that we are a higher functioning entity. Respect is the food to our emotions, and to a large extent, determines our mental wellbeing. It is also embedded in compassion and empathy, and always accompanies love. We need to respect others because we understand how essential it is to their wellbeing; other people also need to respect us for the same reason. 

Since we do not live in a perfect world, and are in fact surrounded by mostly selfish people, we are more likely to come in contact with hostile, antagonistic, and apathetic people, who may not be so keen to show us respect. Regardless, we must resist the temptation to grow discourteous and inhumane. Other people may have grown hostile and impolite simply because they have been victimized and oppressed by other hostile people; they failed to resist the temptation to become hostile. Hostility and unfairness seems to be prevalent in the human world because most people failed to resist the temptation to be hostile, as they are insecure. 

We must all be educated and sensitized about the need to show respect to one another. The great essence of respect must be instilled in every human being from the day he/she was born, regardless of his/her social or economic standing. Children should also understand that it is an honor to show respect to their parents, teachers, elders, and peers. When we respect other people, it shows that we value them and consider them to be important and significant people. 

Respect allows for tolerance, kindness, appreciation, and empathy. A world that values no respect would be chaotic and inhabitable; insecurity would be heightened and cruelty would be rampant. The human world would be akin/similar to the animal kingdom; and man wouldn’t be any different from the wild beast. 

Respect others, not because you want them to respect you, but because you understand that respect is essential to the emotional and psychological wellbeing of human beings. You need respect too, but learn to accept that many human beings may not be as emotionally intelligent and intellectually evolved as you are, which therefore makes it somewhat difficult for them to show respect as they ought to. Accept the reality that people won’t always be kind, fair, tolerant, and just. 

Never feel starved of respect; you may be wounded, and no one may be tending to your wounds, it is noble that you tend to other people’s wounds as you find inner strength to tend to yours in the absence of other people’s care. Remember to show respect because every single moment matters, and our inevitable time of death (which is unknown, and which may be imminent or in the distant future) makes all humans’ hostile and arrogant behaviors trivial and foolish. 

There are times in life when you must fight for what you believe in, and when you must fight for your right. At such times, respect must take the back seat. Although, respect is indeed very important, justice and fairness must always prevail over respect.