Why having fake friends isn’t necessarily a bad thing

Photo by u5468 u5eb7 on Pexels.com

Friendship is important to everyone because human beings desire company and shared activities. Regardless of our personality type, be it introversion or extraversion, we all experience that want of connection that shoots up like the hunger for food, when loneliness and boredom suddenly emerge from some mysterious island. While we need friends we can be able to trust and rely on, we also need friends that are fun, entertaining, and interesting because associating with them evaporates our boredom. Although, some people (mostly introverts) hardly experience boredom (since they experience adventure within their minds, and as long as they are engaging in their favorite activities), they often do not see or understand the need to connect with other people since they are scarcely bored. They simply connect with other people based on the fact that they tend to be lonely, which makes their desired connection essentially intimate. ​

Now, while introverts do not fancy connecting with other people on a surface-level because they are scarcely bored, extroverts are more prone to boredom and loneliness, and see get-togethers and social activities with a lot of people as an opportunity to get rid of the undesirable feeling of boredom. If boredom can be imagined as some sort of suffering, then we may understand why some people can’t stand it. Yet, one may ask, ‘Why don’t people who complain of boredom find some meaning goals to accomplish?’ Well, the truth is, not everyone is wired the same way. Moreover, not everyone is being raised to see life from your own perspective. In the same way some people fancy writing blog articles and other people consider it stressful and unfulfilling, the idea of achieving meaningful goals may be appealing to you, yet not to other people. Some people just want to have fun all the way; their school of thought is significantly different from yours.

Now, why purposeful people set meaningful goals and strive to achieve them, associating with fake friends is a form of recreation after work. It’s a way of cooling your brain and relaxing your mind. You know you don’t have to trust these people, but associating with them makes you happy anyway. Once you have used up your time for recreation, you know you must fall back to your work and other important aspects of your life. Having fake friends doesn’t necessarily mean trusting them or thinking they will have your back when you need them to. They may be useless in other areas, but you understand that they are useful in helping you cope with boredom. Like a video game, good movie, or some sport broadcast, they are interesting and fun to be with. But you also understand you need your intimate friends, who you are sure will always be there when things don’t go well for you. 

​One of the most important lessons in life is to set meaningful goals and strive to accomplish them, while still enjoying association with other people, but without letting such associations jeopardize the accomplishment of your goals. You can have as many fake friends as you want, or engage in as many social activities as you desire, as long as you remember to get back to those other important aspects of your life. In other words, you need to find the balance.  ​