Why arrogance is completely pointless

Photo by Luis Fernandes on Pexels.com

An arrogant mind is a complete reflection of emotional insecurity and lack of wisdom. To elaborate on this, let’s start with a brief analysis of the Cosmos. The universe seems endlessly immense, with certain regions within it difficult to reach for various reasons. In this grand universe lies the earth, which is like an atom within it. Now, an atom (if the word is somewhat confusing) is analogous to a speck of sand compared to the entire earth. If the earth is that small within the universe, and man is just like an atom within the earth, how significant is man within the entire universe? Man is like a Nano-particle within the entire universe. The lesson here is that man is not as significant and important as he deems. Why does he like to think that he is superior to other people? It’s because he nurses the illusion that he is very significant in the universe. Maybe if he was humane, kind and humble, that would be true. But arrogance clearly doesn’t make you kind and humble, so that is not the case. Unless you have a kind and humble soul, which therefore has a spiritual value, you are not remotely close to being significant in the entire Cosmos. 

Man is mortal. This is another reason why arrogance is pointless. Everyone will die one day. No one lives forever. Therefore, if death can claim your life, then your power is clearly limited, and you cannot be superior to anybody. The mere fact that you do not have control over some unpredictable occurrences in life shows that you have to be humble at all times. You are not as powerful as you think you are simply because you can die at any point in time. You can die this minute, the next minute, a year’s time, or after eighty years; the point is, you have no power over death, and death happens regardless of anyone’s economic or social standing. Ill-health also happens. Cancer, diabetes, and other terminal illnesses do not consider your economic status or skills. They do not consider your academic accomplishments or your monthly income. Your mansions and numerous businesses cannot shield you from them if you find yourself on this unfortunate path. When a natural disaster breaks out, you as much as everybody else will run for your life. Therefore, there is no point in thinking that you are superior to other people, because like everybody else, you have your fears and insecurities. 

Shame will be difficult to process. Arrogant people have a great difficulty processing shame. When they finally meet hardship, this can be very difficult for them to handle. For example, if they were arrogant when they had a well-paying job, then it would be difficult for them to cope with the loss of that job. It would also be difficult for them to ask for help from those who may actually have the ability to help them, simply because they’ve been gripped by the power of shame. Arrogant people must remember that they may not always have it rosy, and they may need the help of that seemingly insignificant person at some point in time. This is to say that nobody is insignificant. Anyone, even the most annoying person, by a sudden twist of fate, can save your life. You should therefore be humble and kind to all.