What your music choice says about your mood

Photo by Jack Sparrow on Pexels.com

Words are extremely powerful; they possess the power to influence your mood, shape your thinking, and control your mind. And just as powerful as words can be, is the combination of wordless musical notes (instrumental piece). Even without spoken lyrics, some instrumental productions can make you feel upbeat, alive, romantic, or melancholy. Yet, when the combination of instrumental production is mixed with the incredible power of words, then you know that music is indeed a powerful force in the universe. This surely explains why virtually all of us love music. 

Although your musical taste may be different from that of another person, music is a wonder drug when stress and unhappiness sets in. It provides the same soothing effect as imaginations (for introverts) and socializing (for extroverts). And while you may listen to different genre of music at different times, this simply reveals your mood at each point in time. I did mention that there are two forces involved in music: the power of words and the power of instrumental production. Therefore, you may be listening to a romantic song, not necessarily because you are feeling romantic at that moment, but because you are responding to a different force, which in this case is the power of the instrumental production. 

Do you realize that you listen to some musical genres, and although they are worded, you are carried away by the instrumental production and vocal dexterity instead? Oh yes, it happens to me too. Some musical productions are worded immorally, but you still get carried away by the power of their instrumental production and by the singer’s tone color, while not taking in any of the inappropriate messages that are being passed by such music. This is simply because you are responding to a different force. You may be listening to a music worded in romance, but with a melancholy beat, and the motivation for listening to such music may be as a result of your melancholy mood. It is also possible that you may be motivated to listen to such music because you feel romantic, or romantic and melancholy at the same time, depending on which of the two forces is taking charge at that point in time. 

Let’s consider two extremely different cases. Francis and Derek are in a night club dancing excitedly to an upbeat music. And while it is easy to think that both dudes are having the same moods, you couldn’t be more mistaken. Although, Francis is listening to an upbeat music and dancing deliriously, he is doing so because he just discovered he had straight As in his last semester’s examination. He is very happy and feels like enjoying himself for that night, because he is completely pleased with his effort. Derek, on the other hand, is dancing excitedly because he is trying to distract himself from the harsh realities of life. He lacks formal education and is very lowly paid at work. He is not happy about the circumstances surrounding his life, and feels that he cannot do anything about it. So, he believes that instead of reducing his lifespan more rapidly by worrying more and more, he should enjoy life to the full. To accomplish this, he attends nightclub to get his mind away from those unpleasant realities. 

Let’s consider yet another case of two people. Dina and Rachel are both sitting in a restaurant, and seem to be enjoying a soul music, ‘Rise up’- by Andra Day. Dina is carried away by the highly positive and inspirational wording of the song, which has been delivered by what is indeed a very beautiful voice. But Rachel experiences a slight grief as she listens to that music because it sounds similar to the same music played on her mother’s burial. While Dina is inspired by the wording of the music, Rachel doesn’t listen to the wording, but is carried away by the musical tune, which is almost identical to a tragic song played on a tragic day. 

People can listen to the same music for different reasons. For some people, a particular music may remind them of a certain loved one (who loved the song), while for other people, they may be inspired by the wording of that music. For some people, they just love any piece of music produced by that incredibly talented singer (perhaps because they are fans), while for others, they will dance to any upbeat music they come across, or ruminate with any melancholy music their ears get exposed to. Music thus influences our moods but not in ways that can really be understood by other people. One will have to look for other cues in a person’s behavior before one can truly understand what truly motivates such person to listen to such types of music.