What true victory looks like

Photo by Skitterphoto on Pexels.com

Victory is a successful ending after a great struggle or contest. Mostly, it is associated with events that involve competition among people, be it overtly or covertly. Every journey to a great goal in life is a competition one way or another, even though many of us may not want to admit it. The pride and beauty of achieving great goals in life lie in the fact that there are only few slots for the multitude who want the same thing. And since the supply of slots is far less than the demand for them, people will strive to be among the few chosen ones. There is thus a cry of victory when we realize that we are among the few chosen ones. When the supply of slots is equal to the demand for slots, there will not be competition. And if there is no competition, none will value what they have. We tend to value something when we find that other people value it because they ‘cannot’ have it. People want what they cannot have; it’s just how the human brain is wired for many. For example, diamonds are expensive and rare, and there lies their great value. On the other hand, pebbles are cheap and too available, which is why people trample on them. 

Now, water is both highly valuable and too available, and while it seems that it has low value (because it is too available), it can have a very high value once it becomes scarce. This goes to show that water has a latent great value, although it is not valued at the moment. This also explains why many people take so many important things and important people for granted. They never truly get to value what they have until they lose them. They never get to value their parents, privileges, and opportunities. They never get to value their good friends, patient spouses, and so on. But that is another discussion for another day. 

True victory lies in being among the successful few. And as such, it requires doing that which most unsuccessful people do not do. Your victory becomes virtually unparalleled when you achieve that which most people cannot achieve. Unparalled victory happens when you effectively manage your available resources, take advantage of your opportunities and privileges, and are not afraid to steal the privileges of those who have no value for what they have. Such victory requires great effort, patience, and commitment on your part.

The desire to achieve great victory must be backed by a strong will to achieve. So many people dream of achieving great goals, but lack resolve. It is easy to desire beautiful things, but quite demanding to work towards realizing one’s dreams. There needs to be a change of attitude, and a readiness for discomfort, if one chooses to be victorious. Remember that victory is not for all, but rather for very few. Therefore, it takes a lot of effort on one’s part to achieve victory. And once victory is achieved, nothing in the world compares to it.