What the movies you watch say about you

Photo by Eben Odonkor on Pexels.com

Although, the ability to hear a person’s thoughts is virtually impossible, you can make out a lot about a person by merely watching them. For example, you know when a person is happy, and when he/she is sad, when he/she is disappointed and when he/she is frustrated, by simply reading their countenance and body language. In similar ways, you can figure a person out by studying their attitudes, habits, other body languages, interests, and values. In fact, you may be able to decipher a person’s character within minutes if you are able to read these signs effectively. To learn more about reading people, read my article, ‘How to read people’. 

The movies you watch, especially your favorite movies, say a lot about your personality. This is because anything that has the power to engage your attention has your interest; and this interest is consistent with the visions and dreams you have. The visions are consistent with your self-beliefs, and your self-beliefs invoke thoughts and emotions simultaneously. 

Let me use another case as example. I love reading books about character building and achieving success because I see myself building character and achieving great success in life. So, I think to myself, ‘I can improve my character and achieve great success’, and then I feel that I actually can. This is an example of how attention leads to interest, interest to vision, vision to self-belief, and self-belief to thoughts and emotions simultaneously. 

Let me give yet another instance. You love playing adventure games on your computer because it feels like you are actually the one experiencing the adventures; your interest for adventure games is a sign that you desire adventure and particularly like the idea of being in one, although with the assurance that you are going to be safe. Your love for adventure games simply shows that you dream about being brave, setting great goals and trying so hard to achieve them, making significant impact in the universe, and making a difference in other people’s lives. 

It is impossible to develop interest in something that does not attract your attention, and something will attract your attention only if it surprises you, excites you, pleases you, or terrifies you. Interest results when your attention is engaged/sustained. And since we are purely emotional beings, your sustained attention simply shows that you are comfortable with (or deriving satisfaction from) what you are paying that attention to. And guess what, our emotions are consistent with the images and thoughts we have in our minds. So, how do these apply to the movies you watch? 

If you have a preference for adventure movies, you imagine being in adventures yourself and triumphing at the end of the day. By extension, you desire more exciting activities in your life. And like I said about loving adventure games, you love the idea of being brave, achieving great goals, experiencing self-transformation, and leaving a great mark in this world. If you have a preference for romantic comedy and romantic stories, you are most likely a hopeless romantic. You imagine yourself having those rather beautiful moments you see on the screen, which are largely ideal and never real. You are caring, passionate, and affectionate to your love interest. You believe that life is majorly about loving and being loved. 

If you have a preference for comedy, you love to escape from the harsh realities of life sometimes and have a good time. You enjoy having fun and making other people happy. You believe that life is all about the happy times shared together with others in laugher and friendship. You are also largely optimistic, and believe that things will turn out well, however bad they seem. 

If you have a preference for horror movies, this could be as a result of one of two cases. People who are having a very difficult time in their lives may love horror movies because it reminds them that some people are having more unpleasant experiences in their own lives. This may help them cope with those traumas and depressions they may be experiencing. There is also the category of people who watch horror movies because they love the idea of being courageous. They want to be able to look fear in the eye and conquer it. If you have a preference for movies that depict intellectuality and mental power, you are most likely a person who loves the idea of being highly intelligent and creative. You believe that one of the key skills to be acquired in your life is to unleash and utilize the power of the mind. You envision yourself doing great things because you are a highly intelligent person. This makes you imaginative, purposeful, and ambitious. 

If you have a preference for superhero movies, you love the idea of being a hero, and of possessing extremely rare gifts which distinguish you from the overwhelming population of the world. This does not necessarily have to do with having magical powers, but the point is, you just wish that you have a potential, which if maximized, will lead to the accomplishment of great things. You love being different, unique, special, and powerful. 

If you love crime thrillers and detective movies, you love the idea of being able to read people. And if you love drama, you love to embrace reality the way it is, and learn more about other people’s real struggles.