What makes some people so special?

Photo by Brett Sayles on Pexels.com

Have you ever wondered why celebrities like Justin Bieber, Beyoncé Knowles, Idris Elba, and Emma Watson are highly revered and desired by their fans? You’ll often find that we consider some people to be highly valuable, while we consciously or subconsciously consider other people to be less significant or even worthless. This way of thinking and acting is purely psychological and can be scientifically proven. 

People like Justin Bieber and Beyoncé Knowles (who are clearly successful musicians) are indeed the very successful few among a plethora of aspiring and practicing musicians in the world. In my article, ‘What true victory looks like’, I made mention that the pride and beauty of achieving great goals in life lie in the fact that there are only few slots for the multitude who want the same thing. When there is a high demand for something which can only be made available for very few people, most people are bound to envy or admire the select few who have the privilege. This is because like pure gold and diamond, we are attracted to those things we “cannot” achieve. 

Justin Bieber and Beyoncé are wonderful musicians and are desired by many. The greater their fan-base gets, the greater will be their mesmeric charm, and the higher will be the likelihood of their fan-base increasing even further. The psychology is simple. Achieve that which many people cannot achieve (be a superstar one way or the other). This achievement of yours could be academic, career, financial, physical attractiveness, or sport-related. Such achievement makes you seem like one of the very few successful ones, and therefore increases your desirability. 

Now, once your desirability is increased, you must make sure that the demand for you must never be met. Remember that people always want what they can’t get. Once they get you, the magic is gone. You become another ordinary person to them. Walking down this path of mesmeric charm and desirability has some disadvantages too. Most people are drawn to you because of the false ideal they have about you. You are imagined to be perfect and awesome. But in reality, you have your own struggles and imperfections. You must therefore work to maintain this illusion that other people have about you. And such work is never an easy work at all. 

Unpleasant stories about you become juicy gossips. Your private life ceases to become private. Everybody wants to know what is going on in your life; where you sleep, where you live, who you are dating, what your best food is, and so on. The more other people are obsessed about you, the more difficult it will be for you to keep your private life private. 

The positive side to being popular or famous, however, is that the mesmeric charm you have on other people can be translated to great financial profit. People will always desire your product, even when its quality is not very good. There may be better products out there, but your products will always be more desirable because they are under your charm. You must therefore be prepared to embrace the costs and benefits of walking down this path of fame.