What is the purpose of life?

Photo by Fabian Wiktor on Pexels.com

For centuries, the question of life’s purpose has been discussed among academic and non-academic philosophers, but with no satisfactory, clear-cut answer. The reasons for this are, of course, more than a few. Since philosophers generally base knowledge on objectivity and verifiability, religious professions about life’s purpose are hardly accepted.

And while there are many religious professions on this subject, it is more appropriate to state that this subject is philosophically complex. It seems impossible to imagine the outlook of existence, if nothing was the only thing that existed, when time began, how space originated, how energy came into existence, how minds existed, and why anything has to exist? 

Owing to the grand mystery of the purpose of the universe and the purpose of human existence, many people have gotten into the perfectly autonomic act of creating their own purposes. The greater part of the human population has cultivated the habit of flocking after cultural ideals and expectations; following the generational trend of societal practices. Few people believe that they exist to make a difference in the lives of many people, while there are those who believe that they exist to create technology that is unique and outstanding.

While you may have your own idea about life’s purpose, which may or may not differ from that of your neighbour, one thing is certain: We all want to be happy. Whether you are white or colored, European or American, male or female, able-bodied or handicapped, young or old, you certainly want to have a save, pleasant life. Deep within us, and almost unthinkably, we understand that there is a connection between knowing our purpose in life and finding lasting fulfilment in life; our happiness depends on it. 

If life’s purpose seems mysterious, can we live a purposeful life? Your life can be meaningful, regardless of the fact that you may not know why you exist. For a man’s life to be meaningful, and of course, for him to experience lasting fulfilment in life, he must seek to accomplish three things. He must seek to discover his light, magnify his light, and let his light shine to the world. Like the rainbow, lights come in different colours. We all have our different talents, gifts, abilities, passions, and genius. And like everything that grows, our lights must grow in power and in magnitude; we must not only get better, but must also commercialize what we do to enrich ourselves and satisfy consumer needs.   

For some people, discovering their light can be as hard as a cashew nut. But no matter how difficult it seems, an undisputable fact is that every living soul carries his or her own light. It’s just for you to discover what nature of light you carry. Perhaps, you are a fine composer of music, why not develop your musical skill and produce music that will improve lives? Perhaps, you are a fine novelist, why don’t you write novels that will inspire hope, love, and growth? Perhaps, you are a great engineer, why don’t you teach engineering to more students, or write great books on engineering and publish, thereby contributing to lives? Discover your light, maximize it, and share it with the rest of the world.