What death teaches us

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

One of the inevitabilities of life is that a man who has a birth-day will also have a death-day; every man is mortal, and death is unavoidable. While some people live for many years, even till their grey days, there are also people who die untimely/ prematurely. Still, no one lives forever. The rich and the poor, the young and the old, the Africans and the Europeans, the famous and the unknown, every single human entity in the universe perishes, goes to the very ground, rots up, and becomes history. In the same vein, nothing we possess will endure forever; we shall part with them some day. Our families, friends, wealth, cars, mansions, fortune, fame, and worldly glory will one day die or be passed on to others when we die. The fact that nothing lasts forever teaches us numerous lessons. Some of these lessons include

Unconditional love over conditional love

If you love only those who love you, then you haven’t done anything out of the ordinary. In fact, those who need your love the most are those who seemingly lack the capacity to love unconditionally. While the wounded and the lost need your unconditional love more, they are easily abandoned because of their injurious and damaging effects in our lives. Yet, when we abandon them, we leave them wounded and lost, as we selfishly indulge in comfort and luxury. When you die, your deeds count as meaningful and loving, if they were done with no rewards expected. 

Every moment matters

The best time to do something meaningful is this present moment. If you haven’t told your parents/children how much you love them, this is the best time to do so; not tomorrow, not next year. If you are waiting for someday when you will be rich before rendering financial help to those who need it, start today by giving at least fractionally out of the little you have. When you are able to render some help even as you pass through hardships and struggles, by so doing, you have behaved transcendently. Do not let circumstances dictate for you when to be kind and when not to be; except in cases when you need to be watchful of duplicitous people. 

Most desires are empty and vain

Your desire to be beautiful, popular, rich, famous, attractive, and powerful are empty and vain, thanks to death making this clear. At some point, death comes, and all these will mean nothing. Besides, people who love and respect you because of the material things you have, and people who encourage you to be interested in vain things do not really love you. Although, they don’t know this, they have behaved this way because they do not really love themselves. It’s like being shackled to darkness and misery as one grows interest for these trivialities. In my article, ‘How to love yourself’, I stated that pertinent to self-love is stepping out of the destructive normative beliefs shared by most societies, and recognizing that which is healthy and unhealthy to your soul through soul-searching.​

Worldly success means nothing

Your great businesses and their mind-blowing revenues, your numerous certificates and degrees, while they all show your level of hard work, will mean nothing if their rewards are not used for meaningful courses. Also, if you focus on such kinds of successes, so much that you have no time for your family, friends, and the needy, you will be living a vacuous life. At the end of the day, all your great worldly accomplishments will not follow you to the grave. It’s what you do with them which counts. 

Only foolish people show ingratitude

One of the most important lessons of life is that only foolish people show ingratitude. There are people who do not appreciate the kindness and good works of other people in their lives, simply because they are myopic and present-focused. They easily forget that they will not live forever. The fact that we will die someday should help us understand that we ought to be thankful to those who have been good to us along the way. While a foolish person may think he has gained a great deal from his ingratitude (perhaps, he thinks he has taken advantage of other people), what he fails to realize is that he has lost far more. Such person is also far from understanding what it means to love unconditionally.