We eventually leave

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

It is said that the great King Solomon, with such great wisdom, realized that all in life is vanity. The word, ‘vanity’ is a fantastically informative word laden with such a great message. In English language, ‘vanity’ has two meanings. The first meaning is ‘trivialities’, and the second meaning is ‘foolish pride’. Both meanings perfectly apply to King Solomon’s wise saying. When we live with so much ego and pride, keeping grudges, hating other people, seeking vengeance, and backbiting, we are not only giving substance to trivialities, but are also manifesting foolish pride. 

It is important you learn to practice saying thank you, asking for forgiveness, showing gratitude, and making an effort to greet other people, even if they do not reciprocate. You may come off as a weak, pathetic human being with no sense of dignity and self-pride, but that’s just bullshit! Most people get carried away by the luxuries and fancies of the world, and often fail to realize that they live a vain, meaningless life chasing after the wind. Even if other people see you as an insignificant, good-for-nothing person, the good news is that we all eventually leave. 

What does ‘we eventually leave’ mean? Whether you leave this world, your house, school, work, or country, it is inevitable that we will leave the people we are presently with. So, how do we want to leave them? Do we want to leave them by putting them in their lowly place, showing them that we are superior to and more important than them? Do we want to leave them treating them like they are worth so little? Or do we want to leave them with the knowledge that we were never antagonistic towards them? We all get to leave, and that means being hostile is completely meaningless. 

When you are able to show lofty kindness, forgiveness, patience, tolerance, humility, and gratitude, even though other people may not appreciate you for such courageous manifestations of divine virtues, you show great wisdom because you acknowledge the fact that these people need it, and that you will eventually leave (be it through death or through relocation). More so, the fact that we will eventually leave means that our suffering (whatever form we may have to endure) is short-lived. This pain, humiliation, or harassment will not last forever. 

Therefore, there’s no point walking around with a big ego. There’s no point keeping grudges because somebody else failed to give you the respect you truly deserve. There’s no point being angry and bitter because those you have been good to have been completely malevolent to you. Endure all of it by being kind and forgiving, and remember that someday it will end. Someday you will leave. Someday you may never be heard from again. This is one way to make a difference in the world you live in. 

Who then is a fool? Is a fool that pathetic, spineless person who refuses to rip his enemy apart for demeaning him? Is he that loser and failure who abjectly begs for the forgiveness of another? Or is it he who deems himself superior to all others? Death truly clarifies the difference between wisdom and foolishness.