Understanding rough times

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Every man wishes to have a blissful journey in life. Nobody wants to experience hardship, failure, or loss. We sometimes imagine a life without friction, tension, pain and sorrow. And inasmuch as we desire a smooth journey through life, we sometimes come across some potholes and bumps along the way. Unexpected illnesses, business losses, academic failure, death of a loved one, public humiliation, break-up in a relationship, divorce, among others, are some of the things we pray against. And when they happen, it’s usually when we never really expected them. 

Nobody knows tomorrow, but we all wish for ourselves the very best. People who have cancer today never expected they would fall victim to it in the past. Many people who are dead today did not know they would lose their life a day before. We sometimes become victims of injustice and unfairness, even as we try to convince ourselves that there is justice in this world. When trouble comes, we may be forced to give up on our dreams, hopes, and even humanity. But these are just rough times we must be prepared to deal with. 

It’s true we shouldn’t dwell on negative events we deem to be possible in life. Dwelling on negative events will make you worrisome, despondent, and pessimistic, and these will ruin your health and significantly lower the quality of your life. In addition to these, you become toxic to all the people around you. Instead, you should understand the mercurial nature of life while striving to do your best in maximizing the God-giving time you have. You do not know if you will live for a hundred years more or for only a year more, but you do know that you have now. And you should make the best use of now to fulfil what you deem to be your purpose in life. 

When rough times come, do not say to yourself, ‘Why me?’ Nobody deserves to suffer hardship rained upon them by the unpredictable nature of chance. Instead, be proactive; do something about it. If you can’t prevent a fire, you douse the fire. And if you cannot douse the fire, you embrace your burns. Life is just what it is, ‘Life’. Make the best choices to protect you from the ruins you can bring upon yourself. Pray in your soul that life presents you with good tidings, opportunities, and favours. But when rough times come despite all these, fight fire with water; extricate yourself out of the mess. If there is nothing you can do about it, embrace your fate. 

Because of rough times, it can be difficult for an individual who understands the value of time to always put his limited time to best use. When hardship comes, he/she may find themselves wallow in temporary or permanent depression which definitely takes a great chunk of time. Do not be hard on yourself because you did not utilize your time when you were hit by a crisis. It’s only human nature to be subdued by our woes until we realize and summon up the courage to carry on. However, no matter your suffering, always endeavor to carry on. Focus on those goals you have and strive to achieve them.