Twenty interesting truths about life

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It has once been written by an anonymous author that “life is a journey; the more we live, the more we are likely to learn”. Every single human being, including aged people, are still in the process of learning about life. Sometimes, we do not believe what other people (mostly older people) tell us, because we believe we know better. This is not to say that older people are always right; but they may be right about certain things. However, as time passes by, we soon come to realize that some of the things they tell us are true. 

Listed below are twenty interesting truths about life. 

  • The way you are brought up contributes about 70% to the person you grow up to be. Unfortunately, we don’t get to choose our parents.
  • Genuine love is rare. If you stumble upon it, cherish it. 
  • Growing up comes with more responsibilities, thus life gets even harder as you grow. 
  • Nobody wants to be friends with an unsuccessful person. 
  • People will not necessarily be good to you because you are very good to them. 
  • Very few people are actually glad to see you happy. Most people just don’t give a shit, but pretend to. 
  • People will change over time (for better or for worse); even you will change. 
  • Most people have multiple faces (they put on mask); you never truly know most people as much as you think you do. 
  • Rome wasn’t built in a day. Patience must coexist with persistent hard work to achieve meaningful goals.
  • Most people either work for their dreams or work for others. 
  • No one can hurt you like your loved ones. 
  • Physical beauty is valued. Your looks matter. 
  • The popularity you receive in high school will not last forever. 
  • World peace is impossible to achieve; competition is inevitable- it’s the way we are all wired.
  • The friends you made in high school are probably not your friends anymore. 
  • A lot of people are born disadvantaged. This is not fair, but life is not supposed to be fair. 
  • Not everyone will have a heart like yours. 
  • The best friend of that poor homeless person is that street dog. 
  • You are not everyone’s cup of tea, and that is okay.
  • Everyone is going to die, sooner or later. Death happens to all.