Twelve ways to define love

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Real love allays pains, solves problems, simplifies life, makes way, satisfies needs, and focuses on the happiness of another, without jeopardizing one’s physical and emotional wellbeing. In other words, it would be ludicrous to show real love to a person who physically and emotionally abuses you, and who clearly seems to be taking undue advantage of all the sacrifices you are making for him/her. Real love is not something you show to a narcissist; a narcissist is only interested in himself/herself, and never genuinely appreciates whatever you do for him/her. It is therefore impossible to love all people; although, you can be humane and good-natured towards the world. 

No one is perfect, and people have the tendency to err sometimes. However, people who deserve our patience and tolerance are those who have the decency and courage to say “I’m sorry”, “I am at fault”, and “I understand you”. It isn’t the mistakes we make, but the character to acknowledge our wrongdoings, to be regretful of them, and to apologize (which is also a show of respect for another) which truly matter. The phrase, ‘I’m sorry’, when said genuinely, is a powerful phrase. With such phrase alone, mercy may abound (as long as it hasn’t been said with the intent to manipulate another). People who are in the habit of physically abusing another are of course toxic to be around. It’s best to avoid such people if you care about your happiness and state of mind. 

It is never advisable to find everyone acceptable; albeit, you should never blatantly reject anyone. There are people you must avoid because they are just toxic to be around. These people can degrade your life and make you worse off. 

Stated below are twelve ways of defining love. 

  • There are 4 members in the family, and only 3 apples. And then mom says, “I don’t like apples”. 
  • Love is never letting go; love is loyalty shown until death takes you away. 
  • Love is when the other person’s happiness is more important than your own; and the process of doing so brings you fulfilment. 
  • True love is unconditional. And unconditional love is shown when one’s tolerance and patience runs deep; the deeper it runs, the more genuine the love. 
  • Love is both a responsibility and a feeling. It’s the willingness to embrace pain and inconvenience because making another person happy and better off gives you satisfaction. 
  • Real love comes from an intention to be loving, far above an intention to be loved. Showing real love is purposeful in nature, and not needy; although it would be wonderful to be loved back. 
  • Love means saying goodbye to expectations, and focusing on the happiness of another. 
  • Love is being willing to share the burden of another. 
  • Love is being willing to alleviate the suffering of another. 
  • Love is accepting another person completely, warts and all, and are still willing to help them in their hour of need. 
  • Love is to want nothing but the very best for another person. 
  • Love is that kindness and benevolence which persist despite the great burden that one bears.