The Power of Vision II

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“For lack of vision, my people perish”, this is a scriptural statement that is indeed very true. Every excellence (i.e. great accomplishment) is preceded by a great vision. There is therefore no excellence without vision. In my article, ‘The Power of Vision (part 1), I stated that positive vision is the set of positive images we have playing within our minds, regarding what we expect to be our future outcome. Therefore, positive outcomes are products of positive expectations. And positive expectations are produced from having positive visions. 

Positive vision is the starting point of every great accomplishment. You cannot get to a desired expectation if you do not know how to get there. You must envision how to get there, and then you must make an effort to get there. You must know what to do, imagine how to do what to do, and do what you know, to the best of your ability, in order to do it well. Every feasible plan, be it a business plan, management plan, personal development plan, or retirement plan cannot be carried out without an imagination. You cannot build a sky-scraper the way you want it, without first seeing it in your mind. And you cannot succeed in business without first envisioning that success. 

Having a vision also makes you more creative and imaginative. It improves your problem-solving skills, as you imagine possible obstacles and how to deal with them. It also enhances foresight, making you utilize the knowledge of past experiences to plan and prepare for possible future occurrences. You are not surprised when you meet with challenges, because you were mentally prepared for them. 

It takes having a vision to combine useful information and data gathered from many useful sources, to devise numerous solutions to a problem. It also takes vision to select the most suitable solution from the numerous alternatives that have been devised. 

Furthermore, having a positive vision gives you a sense of direction and a sense of purpose. You know why you exist and what you must do with your life; you are not moving about doing nothing. You have a sense of focus and seem to be working towards something great; you are not ruminating and idling all the time. You also look responsible and completely in charge of your life. This leads to effective utilization of resources. Because you have a vision and know what you must do, you will often utilize your time, energy, and money effectively, by giving your project a laser-like focus. You become more time-conscious because you understand that the accomplishment of your goal is also time-dependent. You are also able to invest your money on your set-goal, because you are confident that you will achieve it. 

Achieving success after success as a result of positive visions makes you develop a habit of excellence. There’s a reason why great entrepreneurs experience success consistently. It’s because they have developed a habit of excellence. A habit of excellence is developed as one achieves success after success, so that one’s self-confidence and self-efficacy improves exponentially. A series of success will improve your self-beliefs and make you more likely to succeed again. People who achieve great goals ceaselessly are always having positive visions that consequently bring about those ceaseless successes. 

Having a positive vision will enable you maximize your limitless potential; it is impossible to maximize your potential without having a vision. It is vision that allows for perseverance when the going seems tough; i.e. without vision, perseverance cannot be shown. It is also the vision you have and the positive belief that you can and will overcome your obstacles, which enable you to be persistent and dogged. Being persistent and dogged then enhances other character qualities; you end up becoming a more patient, courageous, and confident person. With improved character qualities come improved personality and mentality. 

Lastly, having a vision helps you contribute more to human society. The ingenious products of your hard work can be a blessing to the lives of many people. A technopreneur can produce mesmeric technologies, which may improve the standard of living of so many people. This can also have other economic benefits for the society and for you. The product of your hard work can be a source of income for you, can mitigate the problems of unemployment in a country, and alleviate poverty. Such attitude can also inspire other people to be great visionaries, thus encouraging creativity and innovativeness, and bringing about those numerous benefits that have been discussed.