The Power of Vision I

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A vision is a set of moving images playing in our minds, with respect to our expectations of what’s to come. Because a vision is often associated with a future date, it has an immense influence on future outcomes. There are of course two types of vision- positive vision and negative vision. While positive vision is a mental video of your accomplishing great goals and doing great things, negative vision is a mental video of your prospective failure and incompetence. You, however, are in control of your mental images, and therefore determine the outcome of your actions.

A positive vision is a set of imaginations you have about how wonderful it would be to accomplish your set goal. It’s a video you play in your conscious mind, about how you overcome great obstacles and perform as desired. With positive vision comes positive thoughts. And with positive thoughts come positive actions. Positive actions lead to positive outcomes. Experiencing positive outcomes then allows for the development of positive beliefs.

Negative visions give rise to negative thoughts, and negative thoughts further give rise to the reluctance to work towards accomplishing meaningful goals. The reluctance to work consequently leads to having little or no value for time and other productive resources. The declination to do something then leads to doing nothing productive; i.e. no valuable accomplishment. And this further leads to developing negative self-beliefs; believing that you are inadequate and incompetent. Every negative expectation that a person has is accompanied by negative thoughts and negative visions. And positive accomplishments can never be the product of negative expectations.

Positive visions have the power to bring about positive outcomes, in the same way that negative visions have the power to bring about negative outcomes. Visions can be likened to trees; good trees cannot yield bad fruits, and bad trees cannot yield good fruits. Positive visions accompanied by self-confidence cannot yield negative outcomes. But negative visions can never yield positive outcomes; since they don’t inspire action but unwillingness and self-defeat. 

When it comes to accomplishing set goals, having a positive vision is vital. You must be able to see yourself accomplishing your set goals. You must also be able to see yourself exhibiting courage and perseverance in the course of accomplishing those set goals; you must imagine those potential obstacles you are likely to encounter on the way, and see yourself as you valiantly overcome them. This prepares your mind for what’s to come, and makes you able to deal with what is expected. 

Having a vision also inspires hope and positive belief. It gives you an assurance that your goals can be accomplished. It sustains the hope you have of accomplishing your goals, and materializes that hope, as you strive valiantly to turn your dreams into reality. More so, it enriches your self-belief, making you see that success is certain. A good measure of the effect of positive vision is the effort we show in trying to materialize our dreams. A person who is working towards accomplishing a positive goal is under the influence of a positive vision. A person who has given up on his dreams has let negative vision take over. 

Positive vision leads to positive thinking, and makes you healthy around those who need to tap into the positive energy you have. This is because positive thinking is contagious, and is reflected in one’s attitude to life. People who have positive thoughts share positive ideas, and are driven towards accomplishing great goals. Other people see them and would love to emulate them. People with positive visions also speak positive words! The positive words they speak can be enriching to your soul, therefore being a source of inspiration to you. Because you are inspired by these positive words, they help shape your beliefs and thoughts, and allow you to think positively and healthily. With healthy beliefs come desirable outcomes. 

Just as mesmeric and contagious as positive thoughts can be, negative thoughts can also be toxic and ruinous. Being around people who engage in negative thinking can be toxic to your mental health and endanger your future. Negative thinking gives rise to negative words, and negative words uttered to the hearings of other people can have a catastrophic effect on their lives. Like an infection, those negative words result in negative beliefs, and consequently, negative outcomes. Negative words are pessimistic, self-defeating, lead to futility, and result in anxiety. They also lower the quality of one’s life.   

A positive vision will inspire you and drive you to work towards the set goal. It is the lack of positive vision that makes many people idle and uninspired. They complain of boredom and not having a good time. Their inability to plan and forecast makes it impossible for them to execute an unavailable plan. As a result, they engage in endless unproductive pastimes. When you have a great vision, you are reminded that you’ve got a lot of work to do, and can’t afford to sit around doing nothing. Putting a reminder on the wall of your room will help trigger the desire and strong will you once had for your dream. 

Having a positive vision makes you appreciate the delight associated with accomplishing set goals, makes you relive those delight, and spurs you towards achieving these goals. Consequently, it helps you focus on what’s important; reminding you that there are numerous benefits to be enjoyed in the process of achieving those goals, and plenty of benefits to enjoy after achieving them. For example, a lot of people are not aware of the numerous benefits of physical exercise. But if they are sensitized to the hundreds of benefits that can be derived from it, this can be an incentive. Positive vision is therefore an incentive to work.