The power of purpose

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The universe must be incredibly old, having existed for so many years. Older than man himself, the very beginning of this incredibly vast containment remains a subject of endless argumentation in the religious and philosophical world. If the universe exploded from a small existing volume of matter at extremely high temperature, according to the principle of the Big-bang, it should be noted that such entities as ‘existing volume of matter’ and ‘high temperature’ are existences whose origins ought to be known, therefore making the big-bang theory somewhat questionable. If the universe originated from an omnipotent source called God, then the same question may be asked. Clearly, this remains the most complex question to answer. 

Unavoidably, to understand man’s true purpose in this world, man would have to be able to answer the most complex question ever, ‘What is the very beginning of the beginning?’ However, due to the complexity of this subject, many subjective claims have been made to explain it. And while the divine purpose of man may seem somewhat difficult to discern, this does not mean that man exists to fulfil no purpose. We should bear in mind that a purposeless life is a meaningless life, and a meaningless life is a pointless life. Man, therefore, doesn’t exist to live a pointless life. One vital question that most people are bound to ask at some point in their lives is ‘Why are we here?’

It is a commonly shared belief, although on the subconscious level, that we exist to achieve some economic and social goals, which in turn promise to reward us with lasting comfort and happiness. In other words, we exist to achieve happiness and prosperity. This ideology is flawed since undying comfort, which is highly hankered after, is not only an illusion, but also a mere feeling with no substantial effect on the entire universe. Comfort, as a shield against undesirable and terrifying discomfort, is essentially a coping strategy and nothing else. However, to hanker after comfort as though it were the reason we exist is to chase after the wind. Seeking comfort without cognizance of life’s purpose and meaning is one way to live a completely futile, empty life.

While Comfort is good, as is a very necessary coping strategy against pain and strong levels of discomfort, we must bear in mind that ‘Purpose’ is everything we live for. Purpose is the reason we breathe, sleep, eat, and exist; without purpose, we are nothing. Comfort is simply important because it makes purpose achievable. In other words, we are not supposed to seek comfort, but rather, are supposed to seek purpose, simply because it is impossible to seek both effectiveness. The power of our personality is determined by our ultimate goal in life; what our minds dwell on matters. A mind that dwells on the accomplishment of comfort and luxury is a puny, little mind. On the other hand, a mind that dwells on the accomplishment of purpose is a great mind.

We cannot focus on achieving our purpose and focus on achieving comfort at the same time. This is because both quests and desires are inversely related. And while seeking comfort is trendy, common, and conventional, living purposefully has become a rarity, virtually inexistent. It would seem that while 99% of the general world population seeks comfort day in day out, only 1% of this population actually seeks to fulfil a meaningful purpose. As a result of this, so many people can live for scores, without making any substantial impact in life; most people place more emphasis on longevity of life than quality of life, simply because they fail to realize that it really isn’t how long we live which matters, but how meaningfully we live. Death may come at any point in time and should therefore not be our greatest fear; our greatest fear in life should be living without meaning. A man who lived for only twenty years, but with meaning, has lived a far more productive life than another man who is living for a hundred years, and has done so little.

What exactly is purpose? Purpose is that which teaches us to make a huge difference in the universe. It pushes us to complete that which lies incomplete, to perfect that which remains imperfect, to fix that which is broken, and to heal that which is ill. Purpose is that which drives us to find solutions to the problems in this world. It tells us that we have the capacity to shine a light into this dark world, and shows us how to do so. Purpose is that which has sent us to save the damaged, troubled, sick, weak, helpless, and oppressed, even as we strive to save ourselves. Therefore, he who seeks comfort primarily desires material things, social acceptance, wealth, popularity, and recognition. And he who focuses on achieving purpose strives to alleviate poverty, enlighten people, heal broken souls, and show concern, regardless of the great cost associated with doing so.