The nature of meaningful goals

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Setting goals in life has the power to give us a sense of direction, and provides us with the opportunity to utilize all our resources as we make perpetual effort to realize these set-goals. In other words, we come to know the exceedingly great value of our time, money, intellectual ability, and purpose in life, as we strive to make a big difference. Drifting through life without a marvelous goal is like moving around the earth without a destination in mind. Goalless people have no solid plans for their lives, lavish their time and money, and have nothing to show for them in the future. Therefore, meaningful goals are vital not only because they keep us moving forward towards that object of desire, but also because they elevate us from a level of low accomplishment to a level of high accomplishment. 

Listed below are some vital features of a meaningful goal. 

A meaningful goal is highly demanding

A meaningful goal demands a great deal of time, intellectual input, and even financial power. This is because it is awesome in every way. It is a goal that is associated with excellence and significant personal growth. It is supposed to stress you out, seem really difficult, yet very much enjoyable. Therefore, if you are pursuing a goal that seems quite easy, then you are not pursuing a great goal. If you are not pursuing a great goal, then you are not pursuing a meaningful goal. 

A meaningful goal changes you significantly

Achieving a meaningful goal will not only create something beautiful and unique, but will also transform you. In other words, you will not be the same person you used to be because you are now very hardworking, resourceful, persistent, courageous, and determined. The fact that you have arrived at a great goal simply shows that you have been able to subdue fear, doubts, self-defeating beliefs, and other negative factors that could have kept you down. It then becomes evident that you are a much better, transcendent person. 

A meaningful goal is driven by novelty

Meaningful goals are supposed to stand out; they are supposed to be unique. Even if there are similar projects or accomplishments, a meaningful goal is easily differentiated because it has it unique and peculiar features. People who achieve meaningful goals do so because they want to achieve something new. They want to create new worlds, step on fresh grounds, and make new marks. People who constantly try to fit into other people’s shoes, only end up being a shadow of these other people. They never get to exhibit the uniqueness and pride of their being. 

A meaningful goal has a mesmeric external effect

A meaningful goal has the capacity to affect the lives of thousands or millions of people because it aims to lead other people through a blissful or less-horrendous path. In other words, lives are changed for the better because this marvelous goal has been accomplished. A person who sets out to achieve such a goal has distinguished himself/herself as a gem to so many lives, because he or she has done what somebody else may never get to do if they did not exist. There are very few things comparable to the satisfaction one derives from satisfying the needs or wants of numerous people.