The benefits of playing video games

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A video game is a fascinating and engaging puzzle played on a computer, using computer graphics and an engaging effect. Its ability to thrill the mind by satisfying one’s desire for adventure, curiosity, fantasy, novelty, and superior intelligence makes it a particularly addictive engagement for most gamers. This addiction may therefore lead to negligence of very important activities. An addiction is characterized by the fact that it is health debilitating, causes problem in the family, and keeps us (for a very long time) from doing very important activities, such as proper studying, and spending adequate time with our loved ones. 

It is also commonly believed that gamers risk their eyesight, as a result of extended exposure of their eyes to the flashy imagery of the games, risk getting a head ache, risk exhaustion, all of which may affect sleep patterns. Despite all of these demerits, there are actually ample benefits to being a gamer! 

Gamers have a tendency to make fewer errors in executing practical work

Studies have shown that gamers make effective pharmacists, engineers, and surgeons because they tend to make fewer errors in performing practical work, when compared to their non-gaming counterparts. This is because the quests in most games test and develop the quality of gamers’ precision, accuracy, and quick reaction before they can be completed. The more hours you spend playing a challenging video game, the more you are likely to make fewer errors in executing practical work. Your ability to make pharmaceutical drugs, combine chemicals, and even perform surgery will be heightened! 

Gamers surprisingly improve their visions

Contrary to the belief that gamers risk damaging their eyes. Studies have revealed that playing video games in moderation is actually beneficial to your eye. It certainly improves your eyesight! As weird as that sounds, it’s true. 

Gamers have more developed discerning and analytical minds than their non-gaming counterparts

Video games, indoor games, mathematics, physics, chemistry, philosophy, economics, psychology, all these have one thing in common- they task the mind. Games, which are of course puzzles, have been designed to test your analytical and problem-solving skills. Studies have found that gaming has the same positive benefit as solving mathematical problems. It is also found that gamers are likely to become better at solving math problems than their non-gaming counterparts! Cool! 

Playing video games is the healthiest distraction from a bad day

Perhaps, your boss was extremely mean to you, you just broke up with your lover, someone betrayed you, etc. If you have a bad day, it is easy to hit the bottle (drink alcohol), smoke some marijuana, binge-eat, or binge watch a series. However, these activities are not very healthy. Playing video games is healthier because of its numerous benefits, and it does absolutely nothing to your internal organs, like alcohol and drug do! 

Playing video games improves your mental reflexes

Most gamers are very good at making quicker and effective decisions. This is because most video games have been designed to test and improve decision-making skills. Gamers are exposed to games that test their speed and accuracy. As they get more exposed to these kinds of games, they do not only become great thinkers, but also get to be skilled at making quick and efficient decisions. That must be the similarity between chess and video games! 

The headache and exhaustion felt are benefits

It is commonly believed that headache and exhaustion result from playing video games after a long time. And while this is indeed true, it should also be noted that headache and exhaustion result from solving mathematical problems, writing blogs, philosophizing, and so on. This is because all these are brain-tasking activities! But these are simply signs that we are growing, we are putting our God-given minds to great use, and we will never be the same! Come on guys, if you want to grow, you can’t expect it to be so easy. 

Gamers manage other addictions better

Gaming, according to studies, controls cravings and indulgence in overeating, drinking (alcoholism), smoking, and gambling, because of its highly engaging and euphoric effect. And if you think gaming is an unhealthy activity, you can agree that it is certainly the better evil of all other evils! 

Gaming improves empathy

As most action games involve stories about the good guys fighting the bad guys, and wanting to save the day, action gaming is both entertaining and educative. It teaches us that the bad guys do bad things, and the good guys should always be there to defend the weak and innocent. This certainly improves empathy. This also makes gamers less likely to bully.