The benefits of being an extrovert

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Extroversion (or extraversion) is the tendency to seek out social stimulation by interacting with other people, and having a preference for being in the midst of other people than being by oneself. Extroverts are very social, gregarious, and outspoken. They enjoy spending time with other people and cannot bear being on their own for too long. They are commonly described as being lively and interesting. Introverts, their counterparts, are often described as being withdrawn and boring. 

Of the two temperaments (i.e. introversion and extroversion), extroversion is the ideal in most human societies. And while introverts are wonderful people enjoying plenty of benefits, extroverts are blessed with their own benefits too. Here are the benefits of being an extrovert 

Extroverts are more willing to meet new people

Life is meant to be shared and enjoyed via relationships, and extroverts are perfect at that. Although, an extrovert may not be interested in keeping long-lasting friendships, due to the fact that they often engage in shallow conversations and are not interested in what’s going on in other people’s lives, they know how to make other people enjoy the moment and forget their struggles and pains (for that moment). Life doesn’t always have to be so serious; we sometimes need to cool off, and extroverts make that possible! 

Extroverts are better risk-takers

The nature of introverts makes them too painstaking in their analysis and decision making, making most of them unwilling to make a decision, for fear of impetuosity. As a result, they are often stuck at the planning level; unable to take risks. This is not to say that the average introvert does not take risk; he/she simply delays taking risks because they are perfectionistic in their analyses, and are wary of failure or of making mistakes. Extroverts, on the other hand, think less and act more, because they have a natural proclivity to seek out new experiences and take risks. Although, introverts may have wonderful ideas, extroverts are best at executing those ideas.​

Extroverts are outspoken and voice out their ideas

Most introverts are reserved and withdrawn, and as such may not share their truly remarkable ideas or contribute in a discussion forum. Extroverts, on the other hand, are outspoken, and are willing to let other people know that they’ve got great ideas. They speak almost effortlessly without thinking, without fear of criticism or fear of not sounding right. This is very different from what their counterparts will do, which is analyze the environment and see if it is proper or perfect to give an input. 

Extroverts are better informed

Although, some introverts are good readers and researchers, there are some information that they may not have access to. One of these kinds of information is the one that is often passed from one person to another, through the words of the mouth or through text messaging. Since extroverts are more exposed to the highly social and interactive environment, they are more likely to learn from other people’s experiences, and are more likely be updated on what is happening around them.

Extroverts develop better social-skills

By nature, extroverts spend most of their time socializing with other people. It is a natural law that we often excel (or improve) in whatever it is we do most of the time. The perpetual socializing habit of the average extrovert makes him or her better at it. Introverts, on the other hand, do not engage in many social activities, thus making most introverts socially awkward. They are terrible at making small talks (and therefore detest it) and making interesting conversations. Social skill is of course important because it makes you a better manager of people at school and at work. 

Extroverts are not afraid of the spotlight

Everyone loves being respected and treated well, but very few introverts want attention from the world. Most introverts that I know are comfortable with being given attention by the very few people they consider important in their lives. And while the attention they get from their loved ones is sufficient, they are not overly comfortable with the attention they get from the world.​

Extroverts do not shy away from the spotlight, and have a characteristic love for being the center of attention, or the live of the party. They want to be recognized by other people, want people to know that they are around, and are not afraid to be in the media. Most introverts don’t mind being behind the backstage, but the extroverts want to be on the stage!