The benefits of accepting responsibilities

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One real, unquestionable fact about life is that no one owes you anything, and you owe nobody nothing. The mere fact that you were kind and generous to certain people does not necessary mean that they must do the same towards you; they might as well get away with treating you like shit, and they wouldn’t still owe you an apology. Although, the problems you may be dealing with this day may not have been caused by you, it doesn’t change the fact that you and you alone will have to shoulder these problems. You must therefore take responsibility. 

You may complain all day about how abusive your parents have been, how badly you were raised, how your family had no money to send you to a good school, how you had terrible teachers who ignored you, and so on. None of these will change the fact that you are the sole carrier of your own problems. Nobody, and absolutely nobody, will share in your problems unless they choose to. And since most people would rather avoid dealing with other people’s problems, it is your own duty to extricate yourself from whatever problems you are dealing with. 

It is very rare to find people who are willing to help lessen the burden you carry in life. However, if you find any, then you are indeed very lucky. Your problem is yours to bear, and yours to deal with. If you go on blaming other people for your own problems, you are only doing so at your own peril. Therefore, here are some benefits of accepting responsibilities. 

It enables extrication from problems

If you want to get out of any problem in life, you’ve got to quit complaining, quit blaming other people, and quit pointing fingers. It really doesn’t matter who turned your life into ‘shit’. What really matters is getting out of your problems. The person who you believe ruined your life may be long gone. They may even be happy where they are. But you are left with the immensity of your problems, and it’s your responsibility to deal with them. 

Therefore, the moment you realize that you need to do something about your problems rather than blame other people, the greater will be the chance of extricating yourself from such problems. 

It gives you the power to determine the course of your life

Accepting responsibility for your present condition and circumstances will make you understand that every choice you make really matters. To a large extent, the choices you make today will affect the outcome of your life. If you sit down moping or lamenting all day, it will only worsen the situation you are in because you are not doing anything about it. 

The mere act of wasting so much time on blaming oneself is needless, and this will only go on to hamper your progress. You’ve got to focus on moving forward and making the most of the resources you have presently. It is futile and pointless languishing over wasted resources or past failures. The act of languishing is in itself a waste of available resources (time, money, energy, etc.); resources which should be put to productive use. Therefore, accepting responsibilities enables you to see that you are the architect of your life and are responsible for its outcome. 

You understand there is no easy way

Everyone hates hardship. No one likes the difficult stuff. In fact, we all want our lives to be simpler and stress-free. And while this is desirable, we end up becoming addicted to comfort. Addiction to comfort makes it somewhat difficult to cope with stress and achieve great goals. Unless we are prepared to accept that the journey through life can be fun, but it is not necessarily easy, we will never be able to attune our minds and bodies to the demands of great goals. 

While some people have it easier than others, everyone still needs to put in great effort to achieve anything valuable and worthwhile. It will always be laborious to accomplish excellent goals, raise wonderful children, bring out the best in your students, improve a skill, and make a significant difference in life. It is in fact supposed to be a very enjoyable, yet incredibly tasking and exhausting journey. Only people who are ready to dance in the storm will make a significant difference. This is because greatness is not supposed to be easy; it’s supposed to be rare, unique, and tasking.

You understand giving up is not an option

As long as you have a feasible and wonderful goal in sight, then there is no reason to give up on achieving that goal, no matter the set-back. If you give up on your goals, this means you are keeping yourself from making these wonderful goals a reality. If you let the adversities and struggles of this world fill you with doubts and negative thoughts, you may lose the power to materialize your goals. Let your goals be so consuming and vital that nothing else in the world should matter more. Always remind yourself that you are trying to make a huge difference in your life, you are trying to save millions of lives, you are trying to take the world to a next level, etc. any of which is far more important than the struggles you may be going through presently. 

Times may not always be pleasant, and it may seem that you are sailing in the wrong direction. But as long as there’s a wonderful goal, there are so many reasons to achieve it. Achieving the goal is all that matters, and all that will ever matter.