Ten things that are not worth your time

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Life would be much easier and more pleasant if we have the courage to do away with certain lifestyles and ideologies. We would have far more positive and rewarding experiences in our lives, and also get to enjoy a marvelous future if we cast aside some limiting ways of behaving. Listed below are ten things that are not worth your time.  

Attachment to the wrong people, and ruminating over them

Who exactly is a wrong person? Everyone has the right to define the wrong person in their own chosen ways. However, a wrong person can be someone who is limiting you from experiencing great success, or who is selfishly draining you. So many people attach to the wrong people. And while this happens more often than not, this is one of the greatest time wasters, and a most ridiculous decision that anyone can make. If you associate with people who are incurably materialistic, undependable, dishonest, and unapologetic, stop wasting your time trying to change or tolerate them. There is so much you can do with your life. 

Arguments over stupid topics

Arguments can lead to antagonism, and derogatory comments may be made. It’s best to avoid taking part in arguments, except with people you can reason with. If you must argue, it’s best to be agreeable, while keeping your opinions to yourself. Be modest enough to keep your intelligent ideas to yourself, and share them only with people who can accept and respect them. 

Running away from your problems

If you run away from your problems, they will never cease to exist; you’re just delaying them. In some cases, these problems will pile up and eventually subdue you. Take off the load bit by bit, and it will be better for you. 

Searching for happiness outside yourself

Learn to be independent. Learn to adapt to circumstances without the presence of friends, family, or romantic partners. While it is wonderful to have loving people around, you should learn to cope without their being around. 

More so, you don’t need the recognition of your colleagues or peers to feel good about yourself. Never allow your happiness depend on how other people treat you. Be willing to shut out anyone who gives you a headache. 

Dwelling over what other people think of you

Other people do not really care about you, but they expect you to meet some social ideals. They don’t care to know about your pains and struggles, but expect you to be what they want you to be. They also don’t care if things go bad for you, and yet you worry about what they think about you. This is meaningless and self-punishing. 

Lying to others

Telling the truth can sometimes feel like one of the most difficult things to do, but it will definitely make your life easier. It, of course, takes courage to tell the truth, and there are sometimes a great price to pay. Still, you come off as authentic, secure and honest. However, telling lies diminishes your personalities, and shows that you have a deep fear for shame. Besides, there’s a possibility that those you’re lying to already know the truth. 

Trying to get revenge

Other people, especially those who have offended you, are not worth your time. Channel your energy and attention on meaningful activities. The best way to disdain/disregard something/someone is to completely ignore it. 

Getting too attached to social media

There’s so much you can accomplish with your time than having meaningless conversations with people who may never matter in the next ten years. This time could be better used up in building up something meaningful and monumental for your life; something that will last for a lifetime. 

Helping someone who doesn’t help himself/herself

When you help someone who is not willing to improve, you will waste a lot of energy, and not get any sustainable result. You’ll get so immersed in their problems that they will start eating you up like a parasite, and consequently hinder your progress. You are better off avoiding them. 

Trying to change someone’s personality

If someone has a personality too difficult to change, you should either accept them as they are, or you avoid them. Trying to change them is simply pointless. And while it may be possible to change them, the effort will be monumental and most likely not worth it.