Ten kinds of people who are awesome you

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

Some of the most difficult, yet positive, moral gestures to show in life have become quite a cup of tea to certain people who are undeniably awesome. This is because they exhibit certain qualities which are not only rare in this world, but also require exceedingly great courage to show. These people show attitudes that so many people cannot, often in courage, and often at a loss. However, their perspective about life allows them to see this loss as a trivial loss, for there lies a greater gain; perhaps some fulfilment, perhaps some wisdom in their actions. 

Here are ten kinds of people who truly stand out in the universe.

People who have been mistreated by others, but still endeavour to treat other people well

One of the most difficult moral qualities to show in life is long-suffering for the sake of humanity. When other people treat you like shit, your instinct may drive you to do the same. It takes great courage and wisdom to get a grip on yourself and treat these people with respect and honour. This is an admirable quality shown by people who already understand the trivialities of life. 

People who persevere to succeed in spite of hardship, crisis, limitations, and adversity

So many people are quick to embracing the bad circumstances surrounding their lives. It has even become quite a norm in human society. However, there are those special people who start out with nothing, but make something great out of their lives. They burn the midnight candle trying to achieve meaningful success, while their counterparts revel, carouse, or move about indolently. 

People who have so much success, yet radiate modesty and treat every other person with respect

Modesty is one of the hardest moral qualities to show, because we live in a world that rewards immodesty with admiration, praises, recognition, and even wealth. Many celebrities have become the cynosure of all eyes because of their immodesty. Modest people often come off as unappealing, insignificant, and friendless. Nobody wants to be their friends because they are seen to have no attractive qualities. Therefore, to conceal one’s success and fortunes, in a world that strongly demands you show them, is one very difficult and extremely rare quality worthy of our respect. 

People who can admit that they are wrong when they are wrong, and who are genuinely happy to be corrected by others without taking it personal

Nobody wants to be deemed as less intelligent, competent, or worthy of respect. We all want to be seen as highly valuable people. Our desire to be recognized and to attain or maintain some level of popularity tends to make us quite sensitive to what we perceive as ‘diminishing remarks’. It takes courage for someone to admit that they are wrong, to accept that someone else is more intelligent than they, and to be willing to follow rather than lead. Although, these people may be seen as weak and pathetic, they remain some of the most wonderful people upon this planet. 

People who are not afraid to apologize and ask for forgiveness when they feel they are wrong

Apologies can be hard for so many people to make, because it usually feels as though they are diminishing themselves; their ego won’t let them. Every human being has a tendency to be egoistic, but it takes great courage to contain one’s ego and apologize. Accepting one’s poor actions and begging for forgiveness may seem pathetic, but it actually quite a noble thing. Even if you are not forgiven by the other person, you will come to realize that you did the right thing, and then come to finally forgive yourself; no one is perfect, and the willingness to ask for forgiveness is divine. 

People who have a good grip on themselves and are resistant to excessive materialistic drive

Some people want to be stinking rich, and as such, will do anything to accomplish their dream of great fortune. While it is wonderful to be ambitious, ambition for great wealth is like a giant snake with many heads. Such desire has the capacity to make you violate certain moral codes. Manipulation, corruption, theft, deception, and robbery, among others, are some actions that may be born out of this desire. And yet, the desire for great fortune and fame can never bring you lasting, meaningful fulfilment in life. 

People who are not afraid to be honest and transparent in their dealings, even though they are ridiculed for it

In a fast-growing, industrialized world, many people are motivated by the desire to make a lot of profit. In many cases, profit-making violates some ethical boundaries. Some people are willing to deceive, steal, and take undue advantage of others. Rather than being transparent, they make you have a false idea about them. When the love of profit/money becomes excessive, dishonest actions are not far behind. The ability to embrace and be content with the limited things one has, while improving in other positive areas, is indeed a virtue worth extoling. 

People who find time to be there for their friends and family, even when they struggle in their own crisis

As we grow older, we discover that friends come and go, and we meet people as we leave other people. Scarcely anyone cares to keep in touch; hardly anyone thinks about showing such gesture. However, there are very few people who, despite your being irrelevant in their lives, are still willing to keep in touch because they want to be able to help when you need them. These people, in spite of the struggles they are facing, still find time to help you out and put a smile on your face. This, of course, requires great courage and is exceedingly rare. 

People who are able to hold their own, but at the same time are sensitive to how another person in the room might be feeling

Some call this emotional intelligence, but I prefer to call it emotional maturity. Being able to understand other people’s feelings, and feel the need to do something about it is indeed quite divine. And those who are able to do so are like wonderful angels in our world. 

People who are brave enough to be genuine and honest about their imperfections

We all want to be deemed valuable and significant people, which means we may not want other people to know our imperfections. Our insecurity therefore makes us artificial and difficult to trust. It takes courage to be authentic and transparent. When you are able to reveal your imperfections, despite knowing you will lose all the respect of family, friends, and strangers, but choose to do so because you want to be at peace with yourself, such is a brave act worthy of great respect.