Six sad truths about life

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Every person born into this world is born with a blank mind; without any form of knowledge. However, from the moment they are born, their receptive minds begin to store memories. Over time, their habits, attitudes, and perspectives are shaped by their various exposures in life, experiences, societal pressure, culture, indoctrination, education, and a host of other factors, all of which directly interact with their genetically predisposed brains. And while these factors constantly influence them as they grow older (which explains why people change over time), their only shot at becoming much wiser is by learning from the various experiences of other people. This is because learning from experiences is undoubtedly one of the most effective ways to safeguard oneself from a lot of potential problems in life. Here are six sad truths about life. 

​​Nobody stays forever

Sooner or later, everyone is going to leave you. It could even be you leaving everyone. This will teach you to value here and now; the best time to show the great extent of your love is now. Your parents will leave you someday because death spares no one. Your siblings are going to leave you because they are going to start their own family. Your children are going to leave you for the same reason. Your spouse will leave you at some point (could be death, separation, divorce, etc.). The right time to live that beautiful life is now. The sooner you learn to cope with and accept that you will go back to being alone, the better it will be.

Most friends are parasitic

Everyone is your friend until you need something. Ask a big favor from your friend; one that requires some level of sacrifice on their part. If they are willing to go the extra mile just to help you, they truly value you. If you sometimes go the extra mile for them, and they are not always willing to do the same for you, take it that they are selfish. They’re just being parasitic; you make their lives convenient, and that’s all they need you for.​

Scarcely anyone is worth your time, energy, and effort more than yourself

People change, and therefore are difficult to rely on. When it comes to human relationships, nothing is so predictable. Although, it’s good to show kindness and charity to the poor and needy, you must be careful not to do so at your own detriment. Your time and resources should be highly valued and well utilized for your own good.​

Furthermore, making huge sacrifices for people you value a lot, especially when they don’t do the same for you, is more likely to eat you up later once you come to realize that these people are just as fickle as everybody else. It’s easy for them to forget your past great deeds, while they focus on present conveniences. ​

Never seem desperate and needy (in relationships)

The words ‘desperate’ and ‘needy’ are associated with one highly undesirable word, ‘Weak’. Of course, it is also associated with yet another undesirable word, ‘Worthless’. Acting desperate is 95% likely to push other people away from you. You know how addicted drug addicts seem when they sniff drugs in desperation, looking helpless and slave-like? Yeah, I bet you do. That is exactly how needy, desperate, and clingy people seem; they seem addicted to you. Being needy and clingy is more likely to trigger a flight-response in other people’s psych, because it’s cringe-worthy!​

Most people don’t care about you

Most people are more concerned about their lives than yours. For example, people care more about a toothache than a disaster in Africa that kills 900 people. This is because they put themselves first, even if they hardly recognize it. You just happen to be one of over seven billion people living on the planet, and in the next ten years, they may never hear about you. So, caring about you now makes no positive difference in their lives; they can afford to do so. ​

You can’t handle success if you can’t handle stress

To experience great success in life, you should never shy away from stress. You may be a natural, genius, mavin, etc. you still need some degree of hard work and discomfort to achieve a much greater success than you are experiencing presently