Seven vital life lessons

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Life is indeed a teacher. We start to learn from the day we are born till the day we die. And of course, the more we live, the more lessons life dishes out to us. Like the abundant air that flows all around us, knowledge is everywhere. It stares us in the face, but we do not see it because we haven’t trained our minds to do so. And while life has so much to teach us, not everyone learns from life’s significant lessons, mostly because so many people have grown to be such poor students. Yet, life is so generous with its teachings, offering wisdom for free of charge. Every single moment in your life has something to teach you. You just need to be more connected to these numerous lessons. 

As we grow older, we gain more experience in different areas. Our experiences sharpen our insights and broaden our horizons, as they are some vital sources of knowledge. Yet, we don’t have to experience all things in order to understand them. Education and learning from other people’s experiences can also be vital sources of knowledge, which are sometimes even much safer than first-hand experience. Some of the vital lessons life teaches us include these 

Your choices have a great influence on the outcome of your life

Although, our future is shaped by both the power of chance (mysterious nature) and choice (your decisions), the choices we make matter a lot. If you make the wrong choices today, it can affect the outcome of your life. Remember that a man is sitting under a shade today because he planted a tree a long time ago. And another man is languishing in the wilderness because he spent his youth recklessly. The hardworking, intelligent, and ambitious ones are more likely to enjoy a much more rewarding future than those who take their chances and education for granted. 

Real friends are extremely hard to find

As hard as a rock is finding true friends who can be there for you even in the hardest times. So, learn to value and respect your real friends, who do not mind going through shit and pain for you, because they are extremely hard to find. They find comfort in going through great discomfort for you. Such people see friendship as a desirable responsibility, rather than as a privilege. They are friends because they care about your wellbeing, and not because they want to rip you off. Once you lose them, they can be difficult to come by. 

Many people make enormous life decisions for the wrong reasons

Some people want to get married because many of their peers have gotten married, or because they are pressured by their family and friends. When they go into marriage, they soon realize that they are not prepared for it, married the wrong spouse, or know so little about it. When hardship comes, they are left all alone to carry their cross. The same can be said about studying a course in the university, choice of association, having children, and so on. 

Physical beauty and appearance is only transient

No one continues to look like a Barbie or prince-charming forever because physical beauty is bound to decay and die over time. Someday, we will all have wrinkles and grey hairs, looking rather different than we used to be. When physical beauty fades, it is the beauty within our hearts and the strength of our character which count. More so, it is meaningless obsessing over your looks, since it is bound to fade anyway. The obsessive workouts and cosmetic surgeries are completely pointless. What you really need is to associate with people who accept and respect you just the way you are. 

Focus on being the best version of yourself

The fact that we are going to die someday shows that our desire to be the best in the world is pointless. We shouldn’t focus on being better than others, but instead focus on being the best versions of ourselves. We may not be able to outsmart some of the most gifted people across the world in their area of giftedness, still we can focus on maximizing our potentials to the greatest degree. Usain Bolt is a gifted runner, and some of us, no matter how many hours we train, may not be able to outpace him. We shouldn’t forget that giftedness is an additional factor that determines one’s surpassing excellence. Competition will only wear you out. Instead, work hard and be the best version of yourself. 

Most people go to colleges, expecting to become corporate slaves after school

Most people go to the university with the hope to get a Bachelor’s degree good enough to help them clinch a job in the corporate world, where they get to receive wages which are not sufficient to make them very wealthy. Only few people go to school because they have an ambition to become great entrepreneurs. So many of us have become so comfortable with the idea of joining the subordinate segment of the corporate world, which is why we tend to complain about unemployment rates and whatnot. 

Most adults wasted much time when they were younger, when they should have spent more time learning skills and having meaningful experiences

While growing up, most adolescents never understand the importance of professional, intellectual, life skills, and primarily focused on trivial things. On getting to adulthood, they realize that they could have spent their childhood more wisely. They come to understand that they could have had a far more rewarding adulthood if they had spent their youths well.