Seven lessons most people learn late

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There is so much to learn as we grow older and continue to interact with other people. Some of these lessons learnt may have happened through horrible experiences because we failed to learn from the experiences of others. While clever people know that the best way to travel through a strange path is to ask those who have journeyed through it about what lies ahead, the overwhelming majority of mankind tend to take irrational risks. To avoid losing a lot, experiencing numerous kinds of failures, or dealing with so many problems, we can always benefit from learning about life by actively seeking wisdom. The way to go about this is to learn from other people’s stories. 

Here are seven lessons most people learn as they grow older 

Man is rationally and essentially egocentric

As you grow older, you become more aware of the fact that other people are much more concerned about their own needs and those of their immediate loved-ones than anything or anybody else. So, if you are sick, abused, raped, starving, and so on, they may show that they find your situation truly tragic, but that’s about how far they can get. You will have to pick yourself up and deal with these challenges all on your own. 

The concept of super-generosity is scientifically questionable

It is inherent in human nature to do all things for the benefit of the self. In other words, even our acts of generosity have some self-benefits attached to them. These benefits may be tangible or intangible, religious-related or non-religious, humans self-centred nature never fails. Therefore, if there are saviors out there, they probably make about 0.001% of the general population (they exist, but are very few). These very few saviors are also driven by self-benefits, but you happen to be fortunate enough to be chosen by them. 

Do not expect to find people who will help or rescue you when you face hardships. Most people just don’t care; it is how most human brains are wired. They want easier lives, not harder lives; they want less burdens, not more burdens to bear. Moreover, they have their own personal struggles, and they may probably think that helping you is not worth it. The idea of making painful sacrifices for a fickle human being may not be very enticing. 

People love simpler and more interesting lives

Many people will gravitate towards you because you are successful, interesting, or fortunate. The same people will depart from you when the circumstances surrounding your life aren’t good. They won’t even make small effort to fight your battles for you. This is because in the real world, people want less troubles and pains, and more opportunities and prosperity. 

Similarly, people only care about the great results you produce. No one cares about the hardship you had to face to achieve those results. If you cannot compete and prove yourself, do not expect other people to put up with you because they pity you. 

Every man’s journey is different

It is important you learn not to compare your life to those of others. You may have started off badly, that doesn’t mean you are destined to fail. Some people have started off badly, only to discover that they had a much more successful life later on than most other people who started off well. Your journey is different, and you can still make a great difference in your life with what you have left. Even if you are not an early-bloomer, you can still be a late-bloomer; as long as you bloom. 

Your life story is unique, and will always be different in entirety from all other life-stories associated with all humans that have lived, and those yet to be born. Therefore, keep fighting your battles, even when the times are hardest for you. 

Giving your heart to someone is always a big risk

Be wary of who you give your heart to. Love can be beautiful, but it can also be a nightmare. It can be a wonderful blessing and can also be a terrible curse. Watch careful, lest you give your heart to the wrong people. 

Remember that while love has mended some people’s wounds and elevated their spirits to a state of joy and bliss, love has torn other people into shreds, and immersed them into some serious form of depression. Watch out before you take this big risk. 

Choices are easy to make, but they have consequences

Most actions once executed cannot be undone. Similarly, inappropriate words, once spoken, cannot be taken back. Life doesn’t come with an eraser. The choices you make today are more likely to determine your future outcome. If you make brilliant choices today, chances are you will reap brilliant benefits tomorrow. You cannot blame your poor choices on ignorance or poor parenting, even if they may have in some ways contributed to your present situation. At the end of the day, you are at the receiving end of them all. 

Unconditional love is most times taken for granted

Most people tend to treat their friends and acquaintances better than their parents because their parents love them unconditionally, but they feel they have to live up to the expectations of their friends and acquaintances. This is because they take people who genuinely love them for granted, since they can. The time, resources, money, and attention often showered on them are not immediately appreciated because they will always be there. There is that assurance of steadfast love, even if they are annoying and disrespectful to those who love them.