Self-induced evolution

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While it is not a common saying, it is well-known that there lies a thin difference between genius and insanity. In other words, some geniuses are easily misunderstood as being insane. This is because geniuses do that which most averagely intelligent people do not do. Their personal values, attitudes, interests, and habits are usually at variance with what most people consider to be normal. They may be called several names such as freaks, oddballs, or weirdos, but it is exactly this personality they have that makes them unrivalled masters in their fields. 

To accomplish exceptional goals, you cannot live like everybody else. You cannot allow yourself to be hindered by the limitations most people subject themselves to. Some of these limitations include indolence, lack of vision, self-defeating beliefs, fear of failure, lust, some social conventions, among others. To live in a world where you endeavour not to live like everybody else, but solely to accomplish specific goals, is to fight one of the greatest (and perhaps most painful) battles a person can ever fight. Yet, if you have the courage to do so, you become a man or woman worthy of great respect. 

Exceptional accomplishment is always a product of exceptional concentration, attitude, self-belief, resource-management, emotional control or self-control, and perception. The mind of a great thinker is miles ahead of that of most people; for he sees that which most people cannot see, perceives opportunities where most people perceive threats, and finds solutions to problems rather than say, ‘It can’t be done’. He burns the midnight candle, perseveres in spite of setbacks, develops quality strategies, and strives to accomplish his goals at all cost. Because he has set out to achieve exceptional goals, he understands he cannot help but be significantly different in his way of life from the way of life of his conventional neighbours.   

The process of accomplishing exceptional goals by exceeding your limitations day in day out is what is known as self-induced evolution. Those limitations to be overcome may include emotional impulsiveness, ignorance, anxiety, lust, poor social-skills, poor communication skill, low profit-making skill, and low numeracy skill, among others. As long as there are complex goals that have not been achieved by us, we have a chance to utilize and develop the great power of our minds to achieve such goals. When we develop the power of our minds through creativity, innovativeness, learning, and self-control, we realize that those challenges we thought were too complex for us are nothing but a cinch. As we continue to turn complex challenges into easy tasks, we elevate our minds to greatness. We evolve into higher beings. We become transcendent. 

Self-induced evolution can be taken to be one of your major missions in life. You have a powerful mind whose potential has not been realized. You have a lifetime to maximize this potential and be stunned by the greatness you are capable of manifesting. Maximizing your potential is never an easy task, albeit a necessary one. As you strive to overcome your limitations, you give yourself an opportunity to grow into a transcendent version of you. And growing into a transcendent version of you allows you to experience a completely new, different, and superior you. Irrespective of how weird you seem to other people (and they will definitely think you are weird), it takes being extremely weird to achieve self-induced evolution.