Moral gestures of the greatest people

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While ‘creative and analytical’ intelligence is indeed admirable, there is nothing as laudable and impressive as the dazzling nature of good morals. And when you are able to possess both, this would mean you are indeed heavily blessed. The good news is that you can develop both. The greatest people around the world are the people who constantly strive to expand their intellect and character. They carry a bright light within their souls, and we sometimes see this bright light shine intensely through their behaviors. Some of their moral gestures are thus listed below. 

They sometimes remember to bring something nice when they visit their loved ones

It’s probably extremely rare to find anyone who would go out of his/her way to buy a gift for a family member of friend they are going to visit. Gift-giving is a show of care and respect. It’s also a show of appreciation and value. ​

They are never ashamed to apologize or say thank you

Some people find it really awkward to say apologies or to thank someone because they are not used to it. Great people are always willing and happy to apologize when they wrong someone, no matter how awkward and ridiculous they sound. They are also full of thanks, and never run out of appreciation. ​

They are always polite to the blue collars, waiters, and taxi drivers

Great people do not look down on other people, regardless of their status. Although not everyone reciprocates kind gestures kindly, these people deserve your unconditional respect regardless. If they are being nasty to you, they are just being ignorant and misguided. ​

They always pass the change from the passenger to the conductor

Great people are always willing to pass the change from the passenger to the conductor and from the conductor to the passenger, regardless of how nasty either of them may have behaved. ​

They let other people leave a room first before going right in

Great people do not cause a bottleneck when other people are trying to leave a room/bus. Before going into the room, they will allow the crowd leave the room first. More so, great people are always willing to wait till everyone leaves the room/bus before actually leaving. 

They are almost always punctual, and apologize when they are not

Great people keep to their appointments. And when they don’t, they apologize profusely because they perceive their action as highly disrespectful. That is pretty noble of them. ​

They don’t act as though they know it all

Great people understand that other people need to be comfortable with their knowledge and level of intelligence, and would rather let them shine at the moment than act as if they know better. ​

They keep eye contact when talking or listening to other people

Keeping eye contact when conversing with other people shows that you are concentrating and take them seriously. It also shows that you respect them and value their conversation. ​

They knock on closed doors and wait for response before entering

Great people knock on closed doors and will not enter unless they are asked to come in. Even when they are sure that someone is inside, they will not make an attempt to open the door unless they are asked by the inhabitant to do so. ​

They respect other people’s privacy

Great people understand that other people may need some privacy, and tend to respect their need for privacy. They will also not pester other people into talking about matters they don’t want to share or talk about. ​Note: The greatest and finest test of one’s moral strength is how one treats people who are nasty and cruel towards one. The best way to treat people who are perpetually annoying is to ignore them and consign them to ‘I don’t know you and therefore mustn’t talk to you’.