Managing the expectations of fans and followers

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Are you a famous person concerned about keeping or increasing your fan-base? Do you fear that your followership may reduce rather than increase over time? As a famous person whose success is dependent on the number of fans and followers that you have, you must work to manage the expectations of your devotees. But how can you achieve this? Before we talk about what you need to do to maintain or increase your fan-base, I think it is necessary that you understand what your fans want, and why they are your fans. 

Your fans have a false ideal of you

Your fans do not like you (since they do not really know you). What they like is the false ideal of you. If they genuinely like you, then your popularity will never be shaky. But history has shown that many famous stars have fallen severely and lost their spark. Your fans are therefore not your friends or well-wishers. You need them to expand your success, but they are not your loyal supporters. All they want is your perfection. It’s hard to be perfect, and that’s why you have to hide a lot of things from them. 

Your fans will leave once you no longer have that god-like aura

Your fans revere you, as if you are a god, even though they may not admit it to one another. Many of us have seen crazy things done by fans in honour of their admired celebrities. Once your fans discover that you are just as ordinary as every other person, they will move on to another superstar. 

When you are managing the expectations of your fans, you must understand that you are not dealing with people who understand you. You are not dealing with people who have your interest at heart. You are dealing with people who are driven by their selfish interest, and whose interest in you is impelled by their selfish fantasies. It’s not you they like; it’s the idea of being around a god they like. 

You cannot afford to be authentic with your fans; that will be a big mistake. They will find you repulsive and value you less than even the layman walking down the street. It’s a difficult position to be in, but it’s just what it is. You have to constantly give them the false impression that you are perfect; you are god-like. Your greatest enemies will be the press, who are also looking for ways to make maximum profit by writing unpleasant stories about you. You must be expert at hiding your imperfections and avoiding the press. 

Make your accomplishments known, but not by trumpeting it

Your great accomplishments will reinforce the admiration and desire your fans have for you, but speaking about them will make you appear weak and insecure. Always find a way to make your accomplishments known to the public, without being the one conveying the information. A reputation for modesty is a powerful one, powerful enough to draw as many fans to you as possible. There are several ways you can make your accomplishments known, while still considered a modest person. 

Always try to be in the spotlight

Being in the spotlight more often than not is vital for a famous person who wishes to manage fans’ expectations. If you are out of the spotlight, other people may begin to forget you. Besides, other competitors (superstars like you) will be looking for ways to attract your fans to them and away from you.

One way to be in the spotlight is to expand your accomplishments. You must constantly accomplish great things and bring them to the attention of the people. This is a lot of work, which requires novelty and talent. It is because of the lack of these that so many celebrities cease to continue being famous. It’s indeed difficult to maintain one’s fame. Therefore, you must be a hard worker, who churns out great products and makes them known to the public.