Making a difference

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Although, it would seem as though we live in a purposeless world, still, we have a grand purpose to fulfil. Whatever that purpose may be, it requires making a difference. For example, if you believe you (as a Christian) exist to draw other people to Christ, then you are trying to make a difference in their lives; you are trying to influence their way of thinking. And as a Muslim, you may be trying to draw other people to Allah through Islam; this also applies. To put it another way, we cannot live a purposeful life without trying to make a difference. However, making a difference isn’t always positive. There are negative, destructive differences that can be made. For example, a suicide bomber is making a difference, only it’s a negative one. Therefore, when I speak about making a difference, I am speaking about the positive one.

How then do we make a positive, meaningful difference in this world? Well, that’s easy. Endeavour to mitigate the suffering of and hardships faced by other people, and guide them towards maximizing their inherent potentials. Some people do not have access to good food, and some people cannot afford medical bills. There are people who do not have access to good education, and there are people who cannot read and write. Some people are unemployed, and there are those who are underemployed. There are also people who are victimized everyday, abused, raped, and shamed. If you want to make a difference in anyone’s life, you can start by trying to solve any of these problems. As you do so, you make an impact, whether or not you are appreciated for your effort. What really matters is that you made an effort to improve human lives. 

While we must strive to make a difference in other people’s lives, we must also strive to make a difference in our lives. Focusing on making a difference in our personal lives and in other people’s lives is what makes life completely meaningful. If you focus on making a difference in your life alone, then you are selfish, and all you ever do (for yourself) will be meaningless when you die. If you focus on making a difference in other people’s lives alone, then you will have a very difficult time being happy on this earth; you will be putting yourself at a grave disadvantage, in a world where most people are easily apathetic. You must therefore find the balance between making a difference in your life and making a difference in the world, so that you can enjoy the rewards of both. Focus on taking care of yourself, but not without focusing on taking care of others.

Why should we make a difference in our lives? You do not exist for nothing. You have a very powerful brain, brimming with limitless potential that hasn’t been tapped into yet. What you are capable of becoming is beyond your power of imagination. It is your responsibility to discover and attain the limitlessness of your transcendence. Once you attain it, you will be rewarded with the satisfaction that comes from having exhibited great, unparalleled character, and the joy that comes from experiencing the amazing extent of your mental capacity. This requires time, focus, and hard work. Therefore, you have to focus on developing your potential in order to fulfil this aspect of your assignment in life.  

Why should we make a difference in other people’s lives? Although, once you discover how truly remarkable your inherent potentials are, you are still a mortal being; death is inevitable. And all that you have acquired and developed will perish along with you. What will last for all eternity, however, is the splendor of your character- the difference you make in other people’s lives. Since you are focusing on taking care of yourself and maximizing your inherent potentials, you can develop such interest and concern for other people. You may focus on improving the lives of other people, so that they too can understand their purposes and focus on making a difference in their own lives. It would be a sad to discover that a person is living year after year without making any meaningful difference in his/her own life and isn’t motivated in the slightest to make a difference in other people’s lives. It is therefore important that we focus on making a meaningful difference in life.