Life’s journey isn’t straight

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Where we are and what we are today are as a result of chance (luck), the choices we have made, the people we have associated with, the books we have read, the parents that have raised us, the experiences we have had, and the lessons we have learnt. Yet, if any of these variables is altered in the slightest, it can significantly change the outcome of our lives. 

For example, if you had dated a different person, you may not be where you are today, and it is very possible you may not be who you are. If you had written that examination you decided to put off to another time, a series of events could have resulted, and you could have taken a different path in life. For every choice you make, you are branching into new life paths, unique and different from every one of the myriad of possible life paths you could have journeyed through. And with each subsequent choice you make, you keep altering your life path. 

However successful you are today, you could have been a far more successful person, if you made certain choices. Similarly, you could have been a far less successful person, if you didn’t make the choices you made. Some choices could have catapulted us to excellence, while other choices could have made us worse off. Regardless, you are where you are today, and shouldn’t have to have a persistent regret for the choices you made in the past. Instead, embrace the fact that those choices have taught you a great deal of lessons, and your life is supposed to be a learning process. 

While you could have been at a much more rewarding stage in your life, there are always valuable lessons you can learn from the numerous paths you took in your life. These valuable lessons can then help you rise to an unprecedented level of excellence. This goes to show that all those seemingly wrong choices (as long as they do not ruin or incapacitate you) were not a waste of your life. Life is supposed to be experienced, understood, and embraced. We are supposed to live our lives and make our own stories through the choices we make. The good experiences are definitely pleasant, but the bitter experiences teach us to appreciate the good things in our lives. They also make us stronger (What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger). 

Your life journey is not a straight path because you will come across obstacles on the way, and may have to take a series of different paths before getting to where to want to be. Perhaps, you could have been the doctor you’ve always wanted to be in five years ago, but for the seemingly wrong choices you made. You can still become a doctor, and in fact experience far greater success as a doctor than you could have experienced if you were a doctor some years ago. The numerous life paths you have taken can give you a fresh and rich insight on how to navigate your life. Along the way, you have developed life skills and acquired more experience, all of which can guide you in the decisions you are to make from hereon. 

Therefore, never have a persistent regret of the choices you made in the past. Instead, learn from them, fix what can be fixed, and utilize the valuable lessons you have learnt to build a far greater tomorrow.