Is Wealth essential to Happiness?

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While wealth does not guarantee absolute happiness, it is impossible to be absolutely happy without possessing a comfortable level of wealth, or one risks experiencing the agony of poverty. Money-worries are indeed serious worries, and worrying generally affects your level of happiness. We all need to take care of ourselves, provide for our needs and those of our loved ones; nobody wants to languish in poverty. The mere idea of languishing in poverty is quite terrifying. Poverty is not a good thing at all, as it is another form of great suffering. Being able to meet our basic needs and have no money-worries is therefore essential to our state of mind and existence. 

Wealth is indeed essential to happiness because a starved person would be joyous if offered plenty of food, and a disaster victim could pray for you for offering him/her aid. In the same way wealth is essential to happiness, so are respect, love, acceptance, and good health, which goes to show that wealth is just a component of happiness. Wealth will not only give you the confidence that your basic needs can always be met anytime, but also enables you to meet the basic needs of the people you care about. It enables you to provide, protect, and take care of those you love, thus increasing their level of happiness and allaying their level of anxiety and insecurity. 

Wealth also enables you to render help to the needy; rendering help to needy people is one of the components of lasting fulfilment in life. In other words, it enables you to freely render help to people who may not be able to meet some basic needs, because you can. By helping a disaster victim, aiding a sick patient, helping someone achieve his/her dream, making a huge difference in somebody’s life, and adopting or sponsoring a child, having ample wealth makes these possible, and all these are bound to make you happier and more fulfilled. 

With great wealth, you are able to throw an expensive surprise party for your loved ones, buy invaluable gifts to show your big heart, and have no reason to worry about being poor. More so, great wealth will enable you take your children to the finest schools around the world, and provide them with the best living condition. Children raised in wealthy homes enjoy financial support, and have less financial worries than their counterpart, which thus increases their level of happiness. They are also more likely to achieve their goals since their parents can afford to provide them with the best materials needed and the finest tutors/mentors/trainers. Poor children, on the other hand, may find it difficult to achieve their goals for lack of financial support. 

Money can elevate your level of happiness if spent wisely. Money spent on bettering the lives of those you care about, and money spent on achieving your dreams will undoubtedly increase your happiness level to a very high degree. However, acquiring material things just to please other people and to attract fake, shallow friends, or to get laid will only lead to frustration, emptiness, and dissatisfaction. It is without doubt that happiness is inversely proportional to keeping up with the Jones’. In other words, the more you focus on acquiring expensive material things to oppress the poor, impress other people, attract friends, and gain recognition, the less happier you are more likely to be. Your vanity and false delusions easily increases your level of emotional insecurity and lowers your self-worth.