How to respect others

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Showing respect to other people is essential to their mental and emotional wellbeing. Human beings have the fundamental need to be valued, understood, and to feel safe and secure in their environment. Respect is also a basic moral value which distinguishes us from wild beasts. A show of respect reflects our value, appreciation, and love for other people.

It is vital to show respect, not only to those who show respect to us, but also to those who do not respect us; in the same way it is vital to stay humble and fair in a world that constantly pressures us to be bitter and arrogant. If you disrespect those who disrespect you, then you are not so different from them. Moreover, when you disrespect other people, you give them more reason to see the world as threatening, unpleasant, and hostile, and are therefore not helping them get better. They will feel justified that disrespecting you is the right thing to do, because you as much as everybody else does not seem to give a damn about them.  

Simply because some people were nasty to you doesn’t mean you have to be nasty to everyone. Some ways to show respect are

Be polite

Do not be too arrogant to say ‘thank you’, ‘I’m sorry’, ‘I regret my actions’, ‘Put the blame on me’, ‘Good morning’, etc. These are signs of respect and value for other people. Other people may not do the same or reciprocate, but always bear in mind that the inevitability of death renders all antagonistic and arrogant human behaviors completely foolish; everyone dies- the least we can do is to be kind to one another. 

Elevate other people’s spirits

Endeavour to make other people feel that they are special and positively unique. Let them think that they exist to do great things, and are naturally perfect for such purpose. Let them realize that their imperfections and past mistakes cannot define their true worth. This will improve their self-confidence and enable them excel in vital areas of life (at school, at work, etc.) 

Show empathy

When other people are experiencing struggles or going through hard times, show that you are concerned. Your effort to help them, no matter how little, counts. They may not appreciate all your good intentions and sacrifices, this cannot change the fact that you have contributed to human lives, and have therefore done something great. On the day we die, it would be one of the very few things that ever mattered. Bear in mind that you can’t please everyone and therefore must not focus on pleasing everyone. Inasmuch as you must show care to some people, you must also care about yourself. There must be a limit to your generosity and kindness because you deserve to be generous and kind to yourself.

Be tolerant

Understand that other people deserve to share their views and opinions, even though you do not necessarily agree with these views. Do not judge other people based on their ethnic group, race, religion, nationality, and so on. Instead, judge them according to the content of their character. Therefore, be willing to allow other people to share their views, even if you do not agree with these views. 

Be hospitable and welcoming

Smile, endeavor to greet first, give a firm hand-shake, and show that you are interested in other people’s opinions; these are some ways you show that you value other people. Do not give other people the impression that you deem yourself superior to or are better than them. Treat the cab driver the same way you will treat your boss at work.

Be thoughtful

Show concern and don’t be apathetic to other people’s hardships. It’s true that bearing other people’s problems can precipitate your own ruin, a little help on your part will certainly show your contribution to humanity. Do not become too self-centered to realize that you should sometimes render some help to people who may be having struggles in their lives. Sometimes, it is inexpensive to show concern or to give a generous advice, and that alone is a show of respect.