How to know if a guy likes you

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You probably like this girl, but you don’t know if she likes you. And you want to be sure if you should make a move, without looking silly or appearing cocky. And while some girls are more social than others, there are subconscious signs that every girl shows when they are attracted to a guy. I’ll tell you what most girls do when they like a guy, even when they try to hide it. 

She makes eye contact

In my article, ‘How to tell if a guy likes you’, I stated that making a steady eye contact to something you like (or someone you like), is a natural sign that you like it. Staring at something or someone you like induces pleasure in the brain. Therefore, if a girl likes you, she will stare at you. If she is confident, she may choose not to stare away when you stare back at her. If she’s shy and nervous, she may look away quickly. 

She initiates most conversations

A girl who starts and tries to keep a conversation going definitely likes you. If she does this more than once, the signs are pretty clear. If she keeps close proximity but says nothing, and does this more often than not, she’s probably a shy type, who is hoping you’ll start a conversation with her. 

She tries to know more about you

Any random girl who is not interested in you will not care to know anything about you because she’s just not interested. Why would she want to know anything about you; what good will it do? However, a girl who asks questions about you, makes an effort to get information about you from others, and keeps asking you open-ended questions is definitely into you. 

She teases and touches you

This is also quite common. A girl who likes you may poke you, tease you, hit your shoulder, or touch you while speaking to you. She may walk by just to get a glimpse, perhaps hoping you would say hello. The act of touching people you care about or people you are interested in induces pleasure in the brain. She calls your phone several times or initiates most chats on social networkThis is also logical. You do not call people you don’t like simply because you are not interested in them. You call people you like because hearing from them makes you happy. And if you do this more often, then this is a sign that you like somebody. A girl who calls you more than you call her, or initiates most of the chats you have definitely likes you. 

She tries to find out more about you

A girl who is into you will be interested in what is going on in your life. The reason for this behavior is that she wants to understand your personality in order to know how to approach and interact with you. By having afore knowledge of your interests, values, fears, and views, she will know how to deal with you without causing a problem. More so, she has an ideal of you, and would like to know if the ideal is actually real. Are you as confident, wealthy, honest, and focused as she imagines? She probably wants to find out.  

She hangs out with you more

Since she is always intoxicated by your presence, she will tend to hang out with you long enough, call you, visit you, make an effort to hear your voice, and always want to be in the same room with you. When you are attracted to someone, they are like a magnet, and you find yourself particularly drawn closer to them. 

She smiles at you

A girl who likes you will smile at you, usually to seem more pleasant and welcoming, and sometimes because they are happy to see you. If a girl is attracted to you, she experiences a sense of ecstasy the instance she sees you, and she will smile at you because she wants you to smile back. She will smile at you because she wants your approval, acceptance and respect. 

She remembers even the little details

A girl who likes you will remember the little details because of the degree of value she places on your words and actions. Things that may easily be forgotten by other people may not be forgotten by her because she has placed so much value and importance on your actions and words. 

She acts nervously around you

A girl who has a strong desire for your attention, admiration, respect, and approval, will certainly be nervous around you. She doesn’t want to be ignored or rejected. Your respect may be much more important to her than the respect of a hundred people. And since she strongly desires your respect, she is equally strongly afraid of possible rejections. 

She mirrors your moves

On the subconscious level, a girl who likes you will mirror your body posture. If you place your hand across a chair, she may do just the same, and if you sit with your shoulders leaned forward, you may find her do the same. With each posture you change to, you may find her doing something similar or identical. 

She plays with her hair

Some girls tend to play with their hair or fiddle with things around them when they like someone. It’s one of the signs of attraction.