How to get over being imperfect

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The grand universe is indeed quite organized and wonderfully formed. Still, it is not without imperfections. There are natural disasters, undesirable climatic changes, flus, mutation, cancer, and other naturally existing phenomena which pose threat to human lives. If the universe, which neither feels pleasure nor pain, is incapable of being perfect, then it is pointless expecting humans, who can feel pleasure and pain, who are ignorant about so many things, and who are naturally wired to place their interests above those of others, to always meet your expectations. Even you will sometimes fall short of your own expectations. It is one of the symptoms of being human. 

Although, some people have a higher moral standing than others, even the best-behaved person in the world is bound to have his or her short-comings. And while there are highly intelligent folks across the world, there is a reason they are unable to produce some technologies that may only be accomplished by future generations in so many years to come. Even Albert Einstein and Isaac Newton could not materialize what Bill Gates, Steve Job, and Elon Musk developed in this century. This is not to say that the latter are intellectually superior to the former. But it is clear that regardless of the formers’ outstanding intellect, there was only so much they could achieve at that time. They weren’t perfect. 

You can always do your best, and you can always create something new. But never for once should you think that what you have done is the best there can ever be. What you have accomplished may be the best there is at the time. However, other people will stand on your shoulders and continue from where you stopped. With the aid of your accomplishment, other ingenious minds may learn from you and develop greater ideas, products, and technology. They will also learn from other innovative works done by exceptional minds. These will enable them create something that will eventually supersede what you and other brilliant minds have created. Therefore, it is useless trying to reach a climax. There is never a climax; there’s just the journey. 

It is impossible to achieve perfection in your career, business, academics, personal development, or family life, but you can attain a great height. You can strive to be loyal at all times, but you cannot be perfectly loyal. You can strive to tell the truth, be humble, get top grades, respect others, etc. at all times, but you are bound to fall short sometimes. And when you do fall short, pat yourself in the back because you strived to be perfect. Do not reprimand yourself because you failed to be perfect. Imperfection is inevitable, but striving to be perfect is honorable. Remembering this byword will enable you strive for excellence, without admonishing yourself for not meeting certain expectations. Your courage and persistence are credit-worthy. 

When you make some wrong choices or take the wrong actions, remember that being proactive is all that matters. There is no point crying over spilled milk. You could have done better, but you didn’t; it’s all in the past now. What you have is this present moment, and one way not to regret this moment is to ensure you make the best use of it. We will sure make some mistakes, however perfect we want to be. We are not all-powerful and all-knowing, and so we can never make the very best choices. It would be unwise to punish ourselves because we made less than best choices.

We also have our strengths and weaknesses. We cannot be excellent in every area, and we shouldn’t have to be. Some of us have specific gifts that distinguish us from others. Others have specific talents that set them apart from us. These people may surpass us in their crafts, professions, or arts, in the same way a sprint star may surpass a cripple. This does not mean that we cannot utilize to the best of our ability what we have. We should indeed endeavor to make the best use of what we have, even though our products may not be as awesome as what other people get to produce. Therefore, what matters in life isn’t being the best, but rather doing to the best of our ability what we have.