How to find interest in life

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It is not unusual for many people to say that they find life generally boring. As depressing as this may sound, alas it is very common. You may not hear a lot of people say this because it is generally considered an unhealthy thing to say. Still, this is the reality for most of us. This boredom is the reason we ask such questions as, ‘What is the purpose of our lives?’ “Why are we here?’ ‘What’s next?’ and so on. 

So, what can we do to find interest in our lives? 

Focus on endless self-development

If you are a student who has to study his academic books, a white collar employee who has to go to work, a self-employed worker, or a casual worker, then you should understand that working or studying alone will never be completely fulfilling. Academic studies and working to make ends meet are obligations in life; we don’t necessarily find them interesting. If you focus on these things alone, you are likely to find life boring. 

There are enjoyable activities, such as playing video games, watching interesting movies, and listening to music. However, these activities are necessarily for leisure, as they add no value to your life, but relieve of built-up stress. Focusing on developing certain abilities or skills will not only add value to your life, but will also give you a sense of direction towards turning yourself into a more enhanced personality. 

Although, death is inevitable, and all achievements may seem like vanity, making a significant difference in your life, nevertheless, remains a worthwhile endeavor. At the end of the day, it may not matter how much money you have in your bank account, how highly intelligent you have become, or how dexterous you are with playing a musical instrument. Yet, the temporal nature of these activities doesn’t change the fact that they are positive endeavors. The limited time you have in this world has provided you with the opportunity to not only develop your abilities, but also to experience and bask in the growth process.

Focus on bettering the world

Another way to live a more interesting life is to come up with ways to change lives for the better. One of the wonderful facts about the human world and life in general is that it is fraught with flaws. In the same way as there’s room for improvement in our own lives, there’s also room for improvement in other people’s lives. Some people are so poor they can’t even provide enough food for themselves and meet the basic needs of their family. Some people are so sick that they need immediate medical care, but can’t afford it. There are incurable diseases, war, ignorance, problems of low self-esteem, and other numerous issues that need to be resolved. You can decide to conduct a thorough research into any of these problems, and endeavour to find solutions to them. This is certainly one way you can find meaning and interest in life. 

Focus on bringing joy to your loved ones

Developing ourselves to limitless degrees will definitely fill us with suspense and high expectations of what’s to come. We have a reason to hope for a much better version of ourselves. However, when we also focus on helping our loved ones become the best version of themselves, there is indeed great joy in this. You are likely to find fulfilment in bringing joy to your loved ones, as you focus on providing for their needs, and encouraging them to make meaningful progress in their lives. In other words, you must always be there for your loved ones by spending enough time with them, sharing your valuable ideas, giving your moral support, and helping them solve some of their problems. When you focus on helping other people cope in life, you’ll definitely find life interesting. 

Develop your positive interest (or hobby)

Whatever your interest is, as long as it is capable of improving overtime, it is worth investing your time and resources on. Perhaps, you love to write, draw, create, compose music, play a musical instrument, etc. When you focus on these interests or hobbies, you are likely to get better in them over time. Like the growth of a mustard seed into a great tree, you get to experience a significant transformation in your life. Who and what you will become then becomes totally different from who and what you are. It gives you great hopes and aspirations that your future self will be far superior and desirable than your present self. You know that the best is yet to come, and you are eager to experience it. Therefore, the act of developing your positive interest is one way of finding great interest in, and expecting great things to happen in your life. 

Meet new people and learn their philosophies

Learning about other people’s cultures, beliefs, and various world views is one way of finding life worthwhile. If you have an interest in broadening your perspective, it will avail you to ponder on the various perspectives held by different people. This way of living enables you to have a better understanding of different issues, thus enhancing your ability to make sound arguments or propositions. Therefore, listening to other people as they share their views is a good way of finding life interesting. 

Travel and discover other parts of the world

If you have the means to travel, then you may travel to different countries or states to learn about diverse cultures, arts, and lifestyles. You get to eat diverse foods, speak diverse languages, listen to diverse music, learn diverse dances, and so on. It’s indeed a form of learning and experience. 

Read many good books

If you love to read, then reading as many informative and self-improving books as possible will definitely add value to your life. Doing this will broaden your horizon and develop your mind. There is no limit to the number of books you should read. The quote ‘the best of friends is a library of books’ isn’t wrong in the slightest.