How to find fulfilment in life

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Fulfilment is the feeling of satisfaction in having accomplished one’s goals or desires. Long-lasting fulfilment is the feeling of unquenchable satisfaction; when you have long-lasting fulfilment, you feel that you are experiencing the best out of life. In my article, ‘How to be happy’, I wrote that to live purposefully, we must not only strive to improve ourselves at our strong suit or forte, but also affect many lives positively with it. Before a man can experience long-lasting fulfilment, three requirements must be satisfied 

  • He must constantly engage in an activity that has no end
  • The activity must yield results that are limitlessly progressive
  • The activity must be self-transforming, socially beneficial, and financially productive.

 Fulfilment suffers the moment a person believes that he or she has attained the peak, achieved their goal, or completed their work. What follows is the undesirable feeling of emptiness and melancholy. To avoid this feeling, one must strive to achieve something great and not end there, but constantly aspire to achieve something greater than great. This is known as striving to attain the limitless peak. It is essential if one must feel fulfilled in life. 

So, what must one strive to attain the limitless peak at? That is up to one. My passion may be different from your passion. You may love music, and I may love science. Whatever it is you love, you should strive to attain the limitless peak in it. Engaging in this activity will constantly pass time effectively, bringing about a positive transformation within you. You become a better and more improved human being. If you continue this way, you will experience what is known as ‘self-induced evolution’ or ‘total self-transformation’. 

As you grow in your chosen purposeful endeavor, you must remember to share it with the rest of the world, but never freely. People tend to not value what they get freely; the sacrifices we make are the perfect reflections of our value for something. Therefore, until people make sacrifices (be it their time, money, ideas, or other resources), they do not really value a particular thing or person. If you want what you have created, manufactured, developed, or discovered to be valued, never give it out freely; make money off it. Besides, you have put in so much effort, time, and resources to produce it, surely you deserve to be recompensed. 

When we experience discomfort in an effort to accomplish great goals, we can condition ourselves to have a combined experience of both discomfort and euphoria (and as such fulfilment), because we know that we are working diligently towards achieving a great goal. Like beautiful roses growing out of thick thorns, fulfilment is experienced by merely fighting great battles and emerging victorious. 

Achieving self-transformation requires overcoming challenges. Some of these challenges are intellectual, some physical, and some emotional. Doing things that you will normally not want to do, for the sake of your goal, is essential to experiencing fulfilment. Engaging in physically and mentally demanding tasks is a sign that you are growing. You can draw out a time-table concerning how you want to utilize the upcoming year. Maybe you want to binge-watch all the interesting movies and visit all the wonderful places you wish to on your holiday, in the Christmas season, or when you receive your annual leave at work. However, you can make up your mind to dedicate the rest of the time on working and developing yourself. The secret to great accomplishment isn’t the deprivation of comfort and fun-time, but the proper planning and postponement of fun-time to a suitable time. 

Self-transformation takes place when we constantly apply ourselves to something, with the aim of improving limitlessly in it. Usually, there is no existential essence to what we do, but such activity is a perfect way to pass time and to keep us engaged in something that is pretty worthwhile. Technically, there is no other way of life more beneficial than it; so you are doing the right thing. Someday, you will die, and all that you have accomplished will go to waste- keep accomplishing anyway. The difficult and highly uncomfortable processes you pass through for the sake of refining or developing something distinguishes you from the overwhelming majority of people across the world. What sets us apart from most fellow humans is the power of our commitment to positive growth, positive social change, and the quality of our endurance in achieving progressive goals.