How to develop your abilities

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Every human being on the planet, regardless of where he/she resides or what his or her disabilities may be, possesses something beautiful, and as a result, is inherently valuable. Nobody is valueless, insignificant, or worthless. Your emergence into this world means that something beautiful has come right into it. The mere fact that you exist means that something has changed (or something has to change). You can affect the world enormously by utilizing the beautiful intellectual and emotional asset you possess. But to utilize this asset, you must increase its power. And guess what, there is no limit to how great this asset can be developed; you can enhance your intellectual and emotional asset to an unprecedented degree. 

It is indeed true that we all have different strengths and weaknesses. Some people are more talented in some areas or fields than we, and we are more talented in other areas. Some people are gifted with mesmerizing vocal abilities, and there are those who have mind-blowing artistic skills. Inasmuch as we have people with talents like those of Picasso and Michael Angelo, we also have people who have similar talents as Beethoven, Lionel Messi, and Usain Bolt. Some people have spectacular mathematical proficiency, and there are people who have a really high intelligence quotient (IQ). Yet, these people, as they mesmerize us with their admirable gifts, also have their weaknesses, just as everybody else. 

Success is striving to do to the best of your ability what you can do. It has absolutely nothing to do with striving to achieve perfection in every area of your life. Anybody can change the world with what they have and what they can do, regardless of their weaknesses. We may not have the capacity to move mountains, but we are nevertheless capable of bringing smiles to some people’s faces and capable of making a difference in both our lives and those of others, however little this difference may be. 

We can indeed be very successful without thinking that the only way to do so is to be competitive and dominant. It is true that competition pushes you beyond your limits because you want to win, and are prepared to use every resources that you have to ensure it happens. Yet, it can also get you frustrated and discouraged, once you discover that some people have the natural gift that puts them at least one step ahead of you. There are some people you just can’t beat, no matter how hard you try. These people have been genetically and naturally wired to excel in these areas. Still, that doesn’t mean you should never try your best in whatever you do. 

Competition makes people battle for the trophy, recognition, attention, profit, market share, or whatever the goal may be, and in turn, it provides the best quality of products to the consumers or end-users. It definitely brings out the best in you, but not without a long-lasting experience of frustration and disappointment. At the end of the day, being dominant in a field is needless, meaningless, and definitely empty. Instead, you can focus on maximizing your potential in an effort to become the best version of yourself. And being the best version of yourself allows you to give out the best products your inherent potential can possibly provide, not only to enrich the lives of your loved ones, but also to make the world a better place. Remember, it isn’t what you have which matters, but rather what you do with it.