How to be happy

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One of the commonest questions asked by people is “How can I be happy?” Yet, one of the major problems of wanting to be happy is the inability to define and understand happiness.

What is Happiness? For some people, happiness is experienced when they engage in an activity they love, such as the reading of books or weight lifting. Happiness, for some, is achieved when they finally get out of prison. For some, it is achieved when they finally recover from a terminal illness. And for some people, it is achieved when they finally meet the perfect spouse for some perfect love.

Although, all these beliefs are not entirely wrong, they fail to capture the true meaning of happiness. Happiness is indeed a combination of all these and more. You will definitely feel much better if you recover from a terminal illness, finally get out of prison, engage in that activity you love, and meet the perfect spouse. Sure, you will feel much better, but only for a limited time. Soon, all you have achieved become like sunshine; they are essential, but they no longer excite you. Losing them will be tough to deal with, but having them for long is difficult to appreciate. 

Happiness is not only about the sunshine in our lives (the wonderful gifts of good health, good job, good friendship, good family, etc.), but also about inner peace, and a lasting fulfilment from living purposefully. To live purposefully, we must not only strive to improve ourselves at our strong suit or forte, but also affect many lives positively with it. And since there’s no limit to how much we can improve, this is indeed a continual process till death. 

In other words, to be happy and to stay happy, you must

  • Desire to achieve the ‘limitless’
  • Make an effort to solve the problems of ‘limitless’ people through the ingeniousness of your work.
  • Acquire great wealth through the process of solving other people’s problems.

 Be supportive to your spouse as they strive to achieve their limitless goals, encourage your friends, teach your children to cultivate this essential habit, and celebrate them as they make progress and achieve success. When they fail, encourage them. Teach them how to persevere and be filled with confidence. These simple acts mingled with your striving towards the accomplishment of the limitless will constantly make you happy. 

Not everything that excites the mind and pleases the body is good for the mind and body. Being happy does not mean having no troubles to manage, having no pains to nurse, or having no addictions to deal with. Happiness is that joy and satisfaction you feel within your guts, regardless of the discomfort you must endure while persevering courageously to accomplish your goals, while overlooking the insolence of your colleagues towards you, while getting over what seems like a bad day, and while facing an illness with fortitude.

If you are going to die someday, it should be in the course of accomplishing limitless goals and striving to reach out to limitless people. It is the satisfaction in knowing that before you depart from this world, you would have not only maximized your light to a great degree, but would have also let it shine to virtually countless people. You would have come to this world, become as bright as the sun, and shone on virtually all humans. That is what it means to be happy.