How important is it to have a mentor?

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A mentor is a person who has plenty of experience, knowledge or expertise, and the ability to teach you, counsel you, and guide you towards achieving success in a specific area of your life. The significance of having a mentor is undeniable. A mentor is like a teacher, a coach, a fitness trainer, and a father/mother. For example, we need a teacher to teach us those things we don’t know, a coach to teach us tactical ways of playing a game, and a fitness trainer to guide us on what to do regarding physical fitness. Needless to say, children who are brought up by parents who lack proper parenting skills turn out to be troubled, emotionally immature people. A mentor therefore shapes your life for the better. 

Mentorship can help you in your personal and professional life. It can accelerate your growth, and protect you from making some disastrous choices in your life. Many famous and successful people in life have had at least a mentor who taught them some of the things they know today. One of the richest men in the world, ‘Bill Gates’ was also mentored by Dr. Ed Roberts. Experienced CEOs have their mentors and mastermind groups. Even Aristotle, one of the greatest philosophers and thinkers of all times, was under the tutelage of Plato, another great philosopher. 

You don’t need a mentor, coach, or teacher, if you are happy being an amateur, illiterate, and don’t want education. Listed here are ten benefits of having a mentor. 

  • A mentor has seen it all, and is able to predict the outcome before making the move. 
  • A mentor can provide you with a wider perspective which you lack.
  • The wisdom you get from your mentor is like the view from the top of the mountain. Treasure it and preserve it. 
  • Without a mentor, life is like a boat which doesn’t know how to head towards the shore. 
  • A mentor provides you the push you need
  • Even very successful people hire coaches to enhance their own performance, gain an outside perspective. 
  • A good mentor is like a lifeguard. He/she will guide you to tackle the worst situation of life. 
  • A mentor can help you discover opportunities, techniques, or methods which you don’t know actually exist, and which may help accelerate your career and improve your life. 
  • A mentor’s ample experiences enable him/her to see in you the potential which you might not have seen in yourself. 
  • A great mentor will continue to help you, even as you make it difficult for him/her to do so, because he/she understands that you lack experience and insight. 

A thirsty soul can be led to a river, but he has to drink the water himself. That someone who leads you to the river is called mentor. A mentor can only guide you and try to open doors for you, but only you can walk right through them. At the end of the day, you’ll have to make your own decisions. 

The pride of being a mentor isn’t derived from succeeding in improving another person’s life, but rather in knowing that he/she (i.e. the mentor) tried his/her very best to make an impact, regardless of the outcome.