Great minds and negative people

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You are one man/woman among over seven billion people inhabiting the earth. And you are one of the innumerable men/women to have existed upon this planet. Surely, you don’t want to live an ordinary life; you want to make a difference. You want your existence to be noteworthy, because you do not exist for nothing. In a world inhabited by over seven billion people, it would seem arrogant and insensitive to classify people into those who possess great minds and those who are more likely to achieve so little in their lives. However, the reality is that we live in a world that is inhabited by both great minds and negative people. Some people, like many men of old, will live very ordinary lives, while extremely few people will live extraordinary lives.

An ordinary life is a life that does not make the best use of its natural gifts and abilities, but instead lavishes its time and resources on mundane things. A person who lives an ordinary life only cares about partying, drinking, gambling, fornicating, etc. without showing much interest in creating something or in making a difference. Although, none of our ingenious discoveries, products, inventions, ideas, etc. would seem to matter once we pass away, the mere fact that we assayed to create something beautiful out of the raw talent/potential we have is commendable. We may not produce the best of products or achieve the greatest of goals, but what we have accomplished is nevertheless admirable.  

Great minds are innovative and full of ideas. Simply existing is not all they want; they strive to make a difference. This passion reflects in their actions, as they strive to achieve their set-goals. Negative people have no interest in achieving meaningful goals. They are the precipitators of their failures. They are responsible for their low accomplishments, mundane and ordinary lives. They are responsible for their lack of vision and creativity, reluctance to be successful, and interest in endless revelries. Negative people are also quite infectious, because their perspectives, values, beliefs, and ideas are contagious. There are indeed several ways you can identify negative people, and they include.

Negative words

Negative people purge out the abundance of negative thoughts and beliefs that lie in their minds/souls through the words they say. They do not believe they can achieve certain goals, and expect other people to have similar defeatist’s perspectives. Since they lack self-confidence and are too lazy to set meaningful goals, they pass time having endless conversations about events and people; they do not discuss ideas and progress. They also expect other people to suffer from the same disease of negativity, and are displeased to find that somebody else is making strides in his/her life. 

When negative people realize that some people are making desirable and highly commendable progress, envy easily consumes them, and they wince with displeasure. Feeling deflated already, as a result of their lack of self-confidence and self-esteem, they hate to see other people succeed. This is usually because it reminds them of how such a great failure they are. As a result, they are prone to belittle and bitterly criticize other people who are trying to achieve great success in their lives.

Negative beliefs

Positive people set great goals and strive to improve what they do; they focus on constant growth. They may not be as talented as most other people, but they are happy to see that they are getting better and better at what they do. The journey means a lot to them; they derive fulfilment from it. They are always willing to learn from the best because they desire growth; whether or not they get to be the best in time to come doesn’t matter to them. Their desire for excellence often makes them hardworking, aspiring, ambitious, and industrious.

Negative people, on the other hand, are pessimistic. They don’t think they have what it takes to accomplish something great because they have a ‘competition’ mentality. They easily compare themselves to other successful people, and rule out any chance of producing anything notable because these successful people will always be better and be more recognized than them. This perspective is not held by positive people, who do not compete with others, but instead have the desire to grow continuously until they pass away. Positive people just want to keep improving and improving; they don’t care if you are better than they. 

Negative actions

Beliefs, words, and actions are all interconnected. Negative beliefs give rise to negative words and actions. Since negative people lack the strong desire to achieve success and triumph, this lack of desire translates to lack of motivation or drive. You will often find that they engage in activities merely to pass time, rather than to achieve a monumental success. Negative people don’t set goals, don’t have strict work ethics, and of course, don’t achieve great goals. It is therefore easy to identify a negative person by merely observing their actions. 

Great minds are people who think positively, speak positively, and act positively. They do not exist in a vacuum, and are therefore more likely to be subjected to the harsh criticisms and derogatory remarks of negative people. While great minds may struggle to accomplish their goals, their remarkable courage and positive belief in spite of all odds set them apart from the overwhelming number of negative people that inhabit the earth. 

All positive people tend to be mocked, ridiculed, and taunted by people who accomplish so little in their lives, because these people see in positive people what they cannot become. They (positive people) are called several names such as ‘delusional’, ‘workaholics’, ‘immature’, ‘loser’, ‘failure’, etc., but they remain dogged and determined in their quest to achieve success. If you are a positive person with great goals and great aspirations, then you should know that you are surrounded by an ocean of negative people. Positive people are very few in the universe, because it takes courage to stay positive. On the contrary, negative people are too plenty to count- they are all around you. 

Instead of doing something about their undesirable circumstances, negative people prefer to pull you down, discredit, deride, and discourage you. They have a hard time abiding the fact that you are making strides and they are not progressing. Therefore, positive people should understand three things.

Water-walking is a lonely call

An ambitious person who is not surrounded by haters is not ambitious enough. In fact, the existence of haters makes success even more intoxicating. Virtually everyone around you is a negative person; positive people are extremely few in the universe. They can be counted easily; that’s how few they are. Therefore, do not expect other people to support your ambitions. Do not expect them to give you tips on how to be successful. They probably envy you and are bitter that you are doing what they cannot do. Therefore, water-walking is a lonely call because it may sometimes feel like you’re alone in your journey to great success, and are probably the only one who has the courage to hold on to the great dreams you have .    

Avoid negative people at all cost

Negative people only serve to deter you from accomplishing your goals. Therefore, spending more time with them will only expose you to their corrosive sarcasm, stinging flattery, and harsh criticisms. They are indeed a complete waste of your time. Do not share your ideas with them; they don’t want to listen to them anyway. If you let them in on your plan, they are not exactly happy about it. Show that you respect them, but keep away from them.    

Associate with positive people

There’s nothing as delightful and soothing to the soul as being in the company of positive people. Positive people will encourage you to accomplish your goals, and will volunteer to help. They delight in seeing you making strides as you succeed in your endeavors, and the feeling is mutual; you also want the same for them. They are not afraid to share their ideas, time, money, and energy to facilitate your progress. They are very much interested in your success, and want to know how much progress you are making. And because you are a positive and supportive person, you are also willing to do the same. Although, positive people can be extremely few and very difficult to find, once you find them, cherish them. They will help you grow, just as iron sharpens iron.