Great character is consistent with great achievement

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The feeling of having accomplished a desired goal is joyous and uplifting, especially when one has had to overcome so many obstacles. The desire for accomplishment makes life a meaningful and worthwhile journey, and is an antidote to depression. Although, accomplishment may be measured based on what impact it has on the world, or based on how surpassing one’s ability is in comparison to those of others, another way to measure accomplishment in life is based on how many obstacles a person has had to overcome to arrive at their goal.

While great accomplishments appeal to so many people and are seemingly glorious, the mind-blowing effort behind them are easily unnoticed. Those accomplishments may stand out because their accomplishers had the courage to persevere and hold on to what they believed in. In addition to these, the achievers were also clever enough to learn from the experiences of those who have succeeded and those who have failed in these quests. 

Achievers, while they look fortunate and splendid, have had to deal with so many deterrents, some of which include self-doubts, frustrations, destructive criticisms, discrimination, failure, anxiety, financial constraints, and risks. They accomplished their goals because they persevered, even when they felt like the going was tough; even when they felt like giving up. And of course, they were intelligent enough to know how best to accomplish their goals. 

When you think about all the qualities shown in the process of accomplishing great goals, those qualities get better and better with each effort an ardent achiever is putting towards realizing his/her goal. This only goes to show that with great accomplishments come great character. In your quest to accomplish great goals, you must exhibit great patience, courage, perseverance, hard work, and mental strength, all of which are positive character traits.

Striving to achieve meaningful goals requires an exhibition of strong character. And in your quest to realize your great goals, you are also improving your strong character. Once you become adapted to showing strong character, you will often find that you have an almost inexplicable tendency to set wonderful goals and achieve them excellently. Therefore, while striving to accomplish great goals will reward you with a strong character, the strong character you develop as a result will enable you to achieve excellent goals in succession. 

Every prospective achiever is bound to face obstacles in his/her quest to achieve great goals. He/she may choose to see these obstacles as roadblocks or barricades impossible to break through, or as opportunities to fortify their characters. An easy life never makes one a stronger person, and what may seem like a misfortune may actually be a golden privilege. We shouldn’t pray for easier burdens, but rather for a stronger back. Overcoming these obstacles will add to the joy of having finally accomplished your goals. 

Some obstacles you may face may be opposition from sentient entities (i.e. other people). On your way to outer space, you can’t allow yourself to be distracted by the noisy birds. When you listen to the negative opinions and criticisms of other people, you do not only lavish your time and psychic energy, but also poison your mind. Their negative words easily settle within your subconscious mind, and have the power to hinder you from accomplishing meaningful goals. You ought to avoid such people, not because you hate them, but simply because you are better-off without them.

Surrounding yourself with positive people will accelerate your growth, while the opposite will retard it. And although we cannot completely shield ourselves from the destructive criticisms of other people, our level of perseverance and positive-belief in spite of these experiences enhance character growth; and character growth is what life is all about. 

In conclusion, an enthusiastic achiever understands what it entails to accomplish set goals. He knows that he must show perseverance and doggedness at the highest level. He concentrates on the goal, and brims with confidence, knowing that his goal will be accomplished. He does not have the time and energy to lavish on petty issues such as criticizing, gossiping, or maligning others. The idea of throwing away his time to such trivial matters never even occurs to him, because all he is concerned about is achieving his goal. And so, such man can neither criticize others destructively nor take the destructive criticisms of others to heart.