Five signs that other people are envious of you

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To envy means to desire what other people have, which is not necessarily bad. However, when envy leads to hating other people or treating them bad because of what they have or what they can do, that is vicious envy. The stench of vicious envy is a strong one, and its overwhelming capacity to take over one’s mind is quite mind-boggling. It is known as the green-eyed monster because of its subtle, yet powerful/diabolical effect in a person’s life, as they try to cause problems for those they envy. Envy happens when a person feels inadequate or feels that they have accomplished so little because they see how good, successful, or attractive another person is. Accompanying envy are such emotions as insecurities, contempt, unwarranted anger, and frequent bursts of sadness. 

Not all envious people show their vicious envy. Some people are very good at hiding theirs. A secretly envious person may not be easy to detect, because the envy they feel is only a feeling that is eating them from the inside. Therefore, while envy may be evident in some cases, it can be perfectly hidden in other cases. Here are five signs that other people are envious of you 


Envy can be shown through negative gossips about other people, in an attempt to discredit and belittle them. Envious people may talk bad about you behind your back, in order to make you look bad, inadequate, or worthless in front of other people. Any good news about you is bad news to them, and any bad news about you is good news to them. They will feel good when you’re down or doing poorly, and will have a smirk on their faces when you’re feeling bad, are in dire need of help, feel empty or are lonely.  


Viciously envious people will sabotage your opportunities because they don’t want you to be more successful than they. As you try to achieve your goals, they will deliberately try to thwart your effort in every way they can. They may do this by humiliating you in the presence of other people, or by telling on you to your superiors for even the slightest mistakes you make at work. In other words, they tend to be enemies of your progress. 

Silent treatment

Some envious people may give you the silent treatment, withdraw, and be more unavailable because your success, character, or fortune irks them. In your presence, they are intimidated and reminded of everything wrong about them. It feels as though you insult them, even though you are doing no such thing. Your mere presence just makes them sad. To avoid this, they will try to diminish you by treating you as though you have no value to them. Making you feel worthless will lighten up their mood. 

Not supportive

Envious people may feign interest and care, but they are never genuinely supportive. They may claim to be happy for you, but they are not. They may sometimes let their envy slip when you speak about your success, or when your achievements become obvious. And they may start to pull away from you when good things happen to you. They will play down your accomplishments in an attempt to degrade you, or try to kill your motivation to achieve success. 


An envious person who is not very good at hiding his or her vicious envy may snap at you, stare with contempt in their faces, and speak to you in a mean way. They may always try to shut you down whenever you try to voice out your suggestions. They may try to make you think that you are not as competent, admirable, or worthy as you think you are. Putting you down is something they will always enjoy doing.