Five important life lessons

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A person’s personality is a product of several factors combined, some of which include life experiences, formal and informal education, environment, family background, and giftedness/curse. While giftedness/curse is a natural trait brought about by genes or the mystery of nature, other factors are brought about by circumstances and surroundings. As a result of these factors (and more), two people may share similar moral values, interests, and perspectives, but tend to have other differing qualities. In other words, it is impossible for two people to share the same personality in totality, even if they are twins or are raised by the same parents. ​

As we grow from toddlerhood to boyhood/girlhood, adolescence to adulthood, the various factors that shape our personalities continue to mount in various forms and degrees, thus leading to some changes in our general perspectives about life and people. We learn from rejection, loss, failure, disappointment, betrayal, abandonment, and neglect. Some of these lessons include those listed.​

Nobody knows it all

Think about the mysterious universe and how it came about. Men and women of great intelligence have come and gone, and still, not one of them has been able to decipher the great mystery of how the universe came to be. One misconception many people have is that high intelligent quotient (IQ) usually means that a person can solve virtually all problems (as though such person is not limited), without realizing that even the smartest men and women who ever lived struggled with complex problems they were unable to solve. No matter how high someone’s IQ may be, it does not translate to knowing all things. ​

As you grow older, you also come to realize that your parents, who you have always believed are highly knowledgeable, do not have all the answers. You may even begin to review all what they have taught, and realize that some of them may not actually be the best of lessons. This is because everybody is still trying to figure out life; both young and old.​

We are brainwashed by society

Many of your beliefs have been passed on to you by society through indoctrination and brainwash. Most of what you consider to be right and wrong, ethical and unethical, appropriate and inappropriate have been programmed into your mind through the great influence of human society. If you live in a society where forced marriage is considered appropriate, bribery and corruption are not considered wrong, and losing one’s virginity at a young age is deemed normal, you are more likely to adopt these ways of thinking. There are numerous lies that society has made us believe, numerous false beliefs and ways of doing things. Developing a questioning, curious, studious, analytical, and critical mind will do you a lot of good.​

It is not enough to work hard; you also have to work smart

The great amount of work you put in life doesn’t necessarily guarantee great success if you do not practice the true secrets to success. Remember, it is pointless spending all week trying to cut a diamond with a hammer. The smarter thing to do is use a diamond to break a diamond. The message here is that hard work is definitely pointless if the proper way to achieve one’s goal is not yet known. There are so many folks in the street who go through hard labour every day, just to make ends meet. Yet, they are none-the-richer and none-the-happier. There are also many people who have achieved great success, yet didn’t seem like they put in much effort at all. Working smart is very essential, and without it working hard is meaningless. Another factor contributing to such reality as this is the fact that some people are more fortunate than other people in some areas in life; life is not exactly fair.​

Most of your friends are with you for convenience

Most of your friends are not there to support you or come to your aid when you are in need. They are not there to improve your life or make you happy. They are your friends because they are bored and need to socialize. In other words, they are not thinking about your own needs (nor do they care about it in the slightest), but are thinking about their own needs. When it’s convenient, they are your friend, and when it’s not convenient, they easily avoid you. Their friendship to you is seen as an opportunity to step up their lives, rather than as a responsibility to help step up your life.​

We take for granted those who care about us, and pine for those who don’t

In our quest to achieve the most appealing goals, we easily belittle the wonderful things we have. We turn our backs against a peaceful sleep in favour of a beautiful nightmare. It is possible that we do not appreciate those who care about us because we think they are less worthy of our affection (perhaps based on their level of intelligence, physical appearance, popularity, wealth, or social status), which therefore makes us deem them to be less desirable. Yet, these people have proven plenty of time to be loyal and supportive even in the hardest times. When we ignore a peaceful sleep in order to experience a beautiful nightmare, we are bound to wake up feeling like deep shit! Value the wonderful things/people you have, even if they are not as mesmerizing as you would want; for they are actually the best things/people ever.