Five big mistakes that most people make

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We all have these “I shouldn’t have done this” moments in our lives. Perhaps, you got expelled from school, dated the wrong girl, or hit a stranger with your car by accident. Some of these experiences can be illuminating, while others can be disastrous. In the process of trying to experience life as we hope to maximize our happiness, we do things we later regret. And while there are numerous mistakes people make in their lifetime, some mistakes are costlier than others. Here are some of the costliest mistakes most people make in their lifetime. ​

Studying the wrong course

One of the greatest mistakes you can make in your life is choosing to study a course in college (university) not suitable for you. A suitable course is a course you find very enjoyable and interesting. It is a course that propels you to want to share your ideas with other people. In other words, it is your favourite choice of discussion when you want to socialize. If you are not interested in Medicine, Engineering, Accounting, or Law, you shouldn’t feel pressured to do so- you shouldn’t have to follow the crowd. Studying a course that you neither like nor have the intellectual ability to handle will cost you a great deal of time and money. You may end up starting all over again or having to endure a frustrating career.​​

Marrying the wrong spouse

While it is culturally acceptable and considered normal to go through a divorce in some parts of the world, the same cannot be said about most other parts. Even in liberal nations like USA and England, going through a divorce can be quite messy. And for most people, especially in Africa, choosing the wrong life partner also means choosing to endure and tolerate their abusive and annoying behaviour for the rest of your life. Therefore, to enjoy every single moment of your life and secure for yourself a happy future, choose the right person for a life partner.​

Choosing the wrong friends

The kinds of people you associate with can either bless you or ruin you. What so many of us do not know is that the friends we keep have a significant influence on our lives. Consciously and unconsciously, we begin to adopt some of their character traits, their perspectives about different matters, and their general attitude to life. Where you are today is largely a result of the kinds of people you have been mingling with. If you have always been in the company of positive and industrious people, you will definitely be radiating these qualities. However, if you associate with people with no meaningful plans for this day and the future, you risk ruining your own life. Therefore, if you care enough about your personal success and happiness, ensure you associate with the right people. ​

Neglecting your own needs

While it is indeed a kind and extremely rare gesture to help other people who are seemingly in need, you should learn to consider your own needs too. There is a reason kindness is extremely rare. You cease to be relevant to anybody once you degenerate into a terrible economic or medical state. So many people have had the misfortune of watching their loved ones experience agonizing adversities in their lives without being able to help them. For the sake of you and your loved ones, you must therefore practice selfishness to some extent. In ten years’ time, all the people you rendered aid to would have passed you by like the wind, and you could be left in a dire state because you chose to neglect your own needs.​

Stop trying to save the world- such task is too huge for one human to shoulder; he/she will certainly get crushed underneath.

Yielding to negative peer-pressure

From having unsafe sex to abusing drugs, being a young mother/father, joining a secret cult, cutting classes for parties, and so on, giving in to negative peer pressure can leave a permanent scar in your life. For example, some old folks today still struggle with addiction to drugs, a habit they had picked up in their teens or early adulthood. Some women have been unable to have children because they had gone through an abortion(s) under the hands of a quack(s). Some people are pressured into forced prostitution, and others pressured into crime. The HIV infection has no cure yet. Young mothers (for example, teenagers) find it difficult to raise a child and pursue their academic or career goals at the same time. It is therefore vital for every person to be aware of the adverse effects of yielding to negative peer influence.