Finding life’s meaning in commitment

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Life is indeed worth living, not because we get to travel around the world to explore new places, but because we have an opportunity to discover how truly great we can possibly be. To find perpetual drive and meaning in life, we must strive to discover and develop our priceless natural potentials. For example, you may have a potential to be a great scientist, a great writer, a great father/mother, a great husband/wife, a great friend, and a great person in life. Your lifetime gives you an opportunity to develop these potentials to limitless degrees. It gives you an opportunity to sustain the growth of loyalty, perseverance, courage, humility, self-confidence, and trust-worthiness. Living simply to see how great you can possible become is a source of great joy in life.​

While it is indeed important that we focus on personal success and career excellence, we must understand that there is more to life than these. We have families whose needs we must consider, friends, and loved ones. Once our time is up in this world, we will cease to exist, and it’s these relationships that will seem more meaningful to our lives. When it’s time to leave this world, it isn’t how much money you made, how many mansions you built, or how many cars you acquired that matter. It isn’t how many certificates you earned, how many Facebook likes or Quora upvotes you got, or the level of your fame and recognition worldwide which truly counts. It’s the big difference you make in the lives of some people. Even if you are just a blessing in the lives of three people, you have indeed achieved a great thing in your existence.​

Whatever it is you consider very important in your life, be committed to it. Let it be the reason you are alive; your ultimate purpose in life. You should focus on developing these areas to limitless degrees. Like a plant growing, water them with hard work and patience, perseverance and positive belief. When you are committed to something, you bring out the best in it. Be committed to your career and to your family. Make a significant difference in the lives of your friends. Change the world for the better with the natural abilities you possess. Do your best with what you have been blessed with, and bring out the best in the things you are committed to.​

The way to be committed is to understand that​

Improvement is endless

Always strive to improve on what you do; that is the only way you can bring out the best in it. Although, working to enhance the quality of one activity or the other demands a lot of time and energy, it remains a meaningful endeavor. It also makes the journey of your life valuable and worthwhile. Far more important than the goals you achieve is the journey towards them. Our brains are naturally wired to be ambitious, therefore it is impossible to find lasting fulfilment in accomplishing a great goal and settling in complacency, unless we have serious self-limiting beliefs. Hence, improvement in whatever we do should be a way of life, a journey; the journey.​

Career plus personal success isn’t everything

Achieving lofty goals in your career may help you get richer and more famous, but certainly won’t enable you to value and nurture important relationships in your life. You need to find the balance between material aspiration and nurturing relationships. Do not be in a haste to achieve your career goals, or you will never get to make memories with, and have a positive influence on, the lives of your loved ones. Achieving great career goals, while momentarily exhilarating, will definitely wear you out and keep you away from other meaningful aspects of life. You need to stop preparing to live and start living.​

Your work only gets better in time

It is never easy to produce an excellent work at first try. Being hardworking is admirable and useful, but we must understand that it should also have its limit. You don’t have to achieve all your goals in a day, month, or even a year. Don’t be hard on yourself because you didn’t get an activity right the first time. Don’t try to rush things. You will eventually get to your destination, no matter how long it takes. Remember, the journey of a thousand miles starts with a step. With each step you take, you are closer to your destination. And remember, it isn’t how quickly you achieve a goal, but rather, the fact that you achieve the goal which truly matters.​

Practice tolerance

No one is perfect. You will sometimes be offended by your loved ones. They will sometimes say things you don’t really like, and do things you are not very comfortable with. Yet, always bear in mind that they love you, and for that reason you must never give up on them. You must be patient and tolerant with them. It is also your duty as a father/mother/brother/sister/friend to bring out the best in them, regardless of how naughty and annoying they may be. Make tolerance a way of life; it’s not very comfortable, but everyone needs it to experience love and security in this world.