Features of good morals

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

If every human being could be of good morals and be kind to one another, the world would be far more beautiful than it is. It is easy to be hostile to those who are hostile to us, but doing so will not make us any better than our transgressors. Remember, a transgressor must have been hostile to you because he/she has also been a victim of hostility; he/she is insecure and has an open wound within his/her psych. Do not continue the trend. It is indeed true that to maintain good morals in this world, you must be courageous and be prepared to endure some degree of discomfort; it is not exactly a blissful life. However, you will be doing so for a great purpose.​

So, what are these good morals?​

When you wrong someone, always apologize

Bear in mind that the maintaining a positive, humane, and healthy relationship is far more important than who is right or wrong among you. Always apologize when you wrong someone; it means you respect that person. It also shows you have empathy and are kind at heart. Even when you are not wrong, do make an effort to apologize simply because the relationship is important to you. The relationship should always be important to you; everyone deserves your unconditional respect.​

Check up on your loved ones

Once in a while, check up on your loved ones. Life is truly about relationship, and your loved ones want you in their lives. One of the ways we show love to the people closest to us is by being physically present with them. No matter how busy you are, find time for them. Never be too busy to be there for your loved ones.

Always listen when someone talks to you

Most times, people just want you to listen to them; it’s therapeutic for them. They may want to pour out their hearts to you because they trust you. Endeavour to listen to people when they speak to you; it’s a respectful thing to do. They will feel both appreciated and valued.​

Never interrupt when someone is talking

You may be gushing to say something important, but find the courage to hold yourself back and let the other person finish talking, no matter how long it takes the other person to do so. No one likes being cut off when talking.​

Be warm and cordial and smile at people you meet

There is nothing like a handshake with a smile. No matter how hostile the world may be to you, do not let the hostility of this world drown the beauty within your soul. The fact that you are warm and cordial does not mean you are naive and inexperienced. It simply means that you have the courage to let the light within you shine in a dark world.​

Thank your helper, the delivery person, the waiter, etc.

Endeavour to thank those who are good to you. Say the words ‘Thank you’ to anyone who has been of help to you, and anyone has provided you a service of any kind, whether or not you pay for the service. And while you don’t need to thank those you pay for their services, it’s always a beautiful gesture when you do so.​

Be patient with people

No one is perfect; so many people will do things you don’t like. If they misbehavior, giving up on them will not help them get better- it would simply make you live a more comfortable life. Although, there’s nothing wrong in living as comfortably as you desire, as you do not owe anyone anything. You may, however, need to be patient with your loved ones who will sometimes err. ​

Always wait for the caller to hang up the phone

If you call a person on the phone, you ought to be the one to hang up after the conversation and not the other person. The same should apply when you are the one at the receiving end. To hang up a phone call when you are not the caller is rude and insensitive. ​

Hold doors for the person behind you

Holding doors for the person behind you is a show of respect, honor, and protection. It is a noble thing to do.​

Always ask if you may sit before taking a seat in an office, house, etc.

‘Can I sit down?’ is a polite expression you should make when you want to sit in anyone’s house or office. This shows that you respect them and are of good morals.​

It doesn’t hurt to say ‘Please’

 when you want someone to do something for youAlways say ‘Please’ when you want someone to do something. For example, Can I have a glass of water, please?’ This is a show of respect to the person you are asking to help you. ​

When you call someone on the phone, inquire about their welfare first

When you call someone, don’t just go straight to the point; that’s a very selfish thing to do. Inquire about their well-being and that of their family. Then ask if that particular time is the right time to talk, or if you should call another time.

At restaurants, always put the seat you used back to its proper position

​After using a seat at the restaurant (after dining), endeavor to return the seat to its proper position. This should also apply in other areas, such as returning laboratory stools after experiments, and putting used materials in their proper places before leaving.​